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Boise State vs. Air Force halftime score: Broncos lead Falcons, 21-17

Air Force is giving Boise State a tough go in the first half.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Outside of the final possession of the half where Air Force took a knee each team has scored on each of their possessions. Boise State does have the edge by leading 21-17, and while their offense looks good the defense is struggling.

Air Force is known for moving the ball on the ground, but the Falcons are making it look easy against the Broncos. So far, the Falcons have rushed for 139 yards and are averaging 4.1 yards per play with Jaleel Awini leading the way with 87 yards and two touchdowns.

Air Force's rushing attack has had very good success on third and fourth downs, so far they are 4 of 7 on third downs and completed both fourth down attempts. The Falcons have been very good at keeping drives alive, even though Boise State knows what Air Force is planning to run on nearly every play.

The Boise State offense has been fine as they have gone three for three on their drives with touchdowns. They have been using bubble screens and the passing game in general as Joe Southwick is 15 of 16 for 152 yards and a touchdown, he also has 21 yards on the ground and another score. Jay Ajayi is leading the Broncos on the ground rushing the ball with 52 yards on just seven carries, and he also has a touchdown.

Whoever is going to win this game is the team that can first make a defensive stop, or force a turnover. Right now, it seems that is not going to happen, but Boise State's defense looks to have picked up Air Force's offense and are doing a little bit better in stopping the Falcons rushing attack.

Again, the key will be whatever defense steps up to make a play.