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Week 3 Mountain West power rankings: Utah State over Boise State in Mountain Division

The first installment of the weekly Mountain West power poll has finally arrived after some glitches.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

We present the weekly Mountain West power rankings (they will be weekly starting now since I figured out how to use google forms). We have 14 people who participated in the poll and we are ranking by divisions as well.

Well here are the results and any first place vote is in parenthesis. Also, votes were counted by first place getting six points, second place five points and so on until sixth place gets a single point.

Mountain West
1. Utah State 76 (9) 1.Fresno State 83 (13)
2. Boise State 74 (5) 2. San Jose State 68 (1)
3. Wyoming 61 3. Nevada 59
4. Air Force 37 4. Hawaii 33
5. New Mexico 28 5. San Diego State 30
6. Colorado State 23 6. UNLV 21

Seeing Utah State ahead of Boise State was somewhat of a shock, but there should be more known Friday night when Air Force takes on Boise State. That will give everyone a chance to see a common opponent between the two schools. Utah State did get more third-place votes with three, whereas Boise State was given just one. The difference came down to those who put the Aggies at No. 1.

Seeing Air Force have such a big gap over New Mexico and Colorado State is odd, because the Falcons have a win over a FCS school and a blowout loss to Utah State on their resume. Perhaps they are getting the benefit of the doubt.

In the West division it was all Fresno State who claimed 13 of the 14 first-place votes and has a large advantage over San Jose State. My gut feeling though San Diego State would come in last, but that spot is reserved for UNLV and the Aztecs are fifth and behind Hawaii.

Once we get through another week of games we should get some more data to determine who is the best or worst of the Mountain West.

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