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Fresno State vs. Rutgers: Bulldogs release depth chart

Fresno State gets their season under way on Thursday night as they host Rutgers in a big  time game to prove that Fresno State is a legit team. With the game upcoming the depth chart for Fresno State was released, and surprises are limited. The running back as expected has co-starters in Josh Quezada and Marteze Waller, and expect the Bulldogs to rotate carries between those two.

That running back spot is the only one listed as co-starters, meaning the rest of lineup is pretty much set in stone. With Fresno State being a contender for the Mountain West that is the way it should be for them.

Here is that depth chart:


Quarterback: Derek Carr, Brian Burrell

Running back: Josh Quezada or Marteze Waller

Left tackle: Austin Wentworth, Josh Tremblay

Left guard: Alex Fifita, Mike Saenz

Center: Lars Bramer, Bo Bonnheim

Right guard: Cody Wichmann, James Le'au

Right tackle: Justin Northern, David Patterson

Tight end: Marcel Jensen, Jerin McClendon

Wide receiver: Isaiah Burse, Greg Watson

Wide receiver: Davante Adams, Aaron Peck

Wide receiver: Josh Harper, Justin Johnson


Defensive end: Andy Jennings, Ben Letcher

Nose guard: Tyeler Davison, Maurice Poyadue

Defensive end: Nikko Motta, Todd Hunt

Outside linebacker: Nat Harrison, Ejiro Ederaine

Middle linebacker: Karl Mickelsen, Jeremiah Toma

Middle linebacker: Kyrie Wilson, Patrick Su'a

Outside linebacker: Donavon Lewis, Brandon Hughes

Cornerback: Curtis Riley, Jamal Ellis

Safety: Charles Washington, Dalen Jones

Safety: Derron Smith, Rodney Mathews

Cornerback: L.J. Jones, Shannon Edwards