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Let's Play Mountain West football BINGO

The season is rapidly approaching, and around now is the time where bets are made, trolls start and fan games are played. Let's play a fan favorite: BINGO.

Author's Note: this is not a new idea. There are plenty of blogs/websites that play BINGO. The fan rivalry BINGO idea came courtesy of the commentariat of EDSBS. They are the true geniuses, I just adapt the idea for a MWC point of view.


I knew it.

It's the one game that you've grown up playing, probably with your grandparents or parents. Normally, it requires listening and observation skills. Here's the great thing about BINGO: it's not just subjective to numbers. It can be applied to anything that requires some sort of observation skill.

Well, we're college football fans. We observe the whole game unfolding before our eyes, why not turn it into a game and see how well we can pick up on stats.

Game time BINGO Rule:

These are things you can only notice during the game. If you didn't catch it until after the game finished, too bad.

Behold, your Game time BINGO card:


Is one BINGO game not enough for you? Do you need more BINGO to fulfill your life? Do you revolve your internet life around Mountain West Connection (the answer to this should be: yes)? Well then, do I have the game for you!

Introducing FAN RIVALRY BINGO: Where you keep track of the hate online!

There are a few rules to fan rivalry BINGO, that are abnormal to regular BINGO. Here they are:
1. When a rivalry is talked about or if commenters of those teams get into it, you may cross off the square
2. You may not intentionally bring up a rivalry to cross off a square. However, if it is successful and others note it, they may cross it off their square (all this is based on Honor Code, it's too hard to keep track of who started what).
3. You may bait someone else to start a rivalry. Strategically plan it right, and it's your square to cross off.

That being said, here's your card:


Enjoy the fun, and remember: middle space is free and make sure you shout "BINGO!" at the top of your lungs.