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Mountain West aligns itself with six bowl games through 2019

The Mountain West now has six bowl games on their post season docket for the next five years, and there could be a seventh bowl game on the horizon.


The Mountain West will now have six bowl destination's to go to starting in the 2014 season and running through 2019, according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy. The six bowl games that the Mountain West will be a part are the same that they will have for this year, plus there are talks of a possible seventh bowl destination. That seventh bowl game could very well be the Christmas Bowl.

The six bowls are the Las Vegas Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl which are the first two selections, and then the Hawaii, Armed Forces and New Mexico bowls will share the third, fourth and fifth selections. The sixth and final selection will be The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

The Las Vegas Bowl gets first pick and is not bound to take the league champion, and if Hawaii is bowl eligible they will stay at home and play in the Hawaii Bowl, so no changes there.

From the McMurphy report here is the opposing side to who the Mountain West will face:

The expected conferences the Mountain West will face in its new bowl lineup: Las Vegas (Pac-12), San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia (Navy in 2014, BYU and Army from 2015 on), Sheraton Hawaii (American/Conference USA), Bell Helicopter Armed Forces (C-USA), Gildan New Mexico (C-USA) and Famous Idaho Potato (Mid-American).

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