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San Jose Spartans Poach SDSU Three Star Commit

Maurice McKnight, formerly committed to SDSU for 2014 has now made a verbal commit to San Jose State.


As we all know, verbal commitments aren't worth much more than the paper they're not written on. Back in May, three star recruit Maurice McKnight committed to the San Diego State Aztecs, but it sounds like Maurice McKnight has found greener football fields in San Jose. Via Jimmy Durkin, apparently aggressive San Jose Spartan recruiter Donte Williams has convinced McKnight that he will feel even more "at home" in the San Jose State's defense than the San Diego Aztec's.

Doubtless a few San Jose State Spartan commits will be similarly lured away (Who knows, maybe some other team might turn out to be a better fit for McKnight even), but for now San Jose is taking an aggressive drive for quality early recruits. McKnight joins another three star defensive back, Darren Gardenhire, in the San Jose Spartan 2014 recruiting class.

Altogether, there are twelve recruits in the 2014 San Jose State class so far.