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Mountain West championship game: Small crowd could be expected

The Mountain West title game is being hosted at Bulldogs Stadium, but this game could have a season worst crowd Saturday night.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Championship games are suppose to have huge crowds, especially when they are at home. That is why the Mountain West decided to have the highest rated team host the conference title game. However, Saturday night's Mountain West championship game between Fresno State and Utah State could be a season-low crowd at Bulldogs Stadium.

As for Friday night there were only 30,000 tickets sold for the game on Saturday night, and the smallest crowd at Fresno State this year was 33,260 against Cal Poly, an FCS team.

The reason for a possible low fan turnout is that there is no BCS bowl berth on the line for Fresno State, or that it is to be unseasonably cold Saturday night with temperatures in the low 30s.

This season Fresno State has had three sellouts -- the most since the 2005 season -- and averaged 37,843 for six home games.