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Utah State vs. Fresno State: Breaking down the stats

The top rated offense and defense face off in the Mountain West title game, and now it is time to take a look and compare the stats.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday's Mountain West title game will feature the leagues top offense in Fresno State going up against the leagues top defense in Utah State. Now it is time to compare and take a look at the numbers between these two schools.

Yes, there are more indepth stats like yards per play and efficiency, but takes some time. Go take a look at Football Outsiders for some more nerdy stats, and the F/+ ratings between these two schools have Utah State at 36 with a 14.7 percent of F/+ and Fresno State is much lower at 52 at 4.1 percent.

Here are the key stats:

Stat Fresno State Utah State
Total offense 580.6 yards per game 430.7 yards per game
Total defense 436.9 yards per game 321.5 yards per game
Scoring offense 47.3 points per game 33.9 points per game
Scoring defense 30.2 points per game 16.8 points per game
Passing offense 410.3 yards per game 240.3 yards per game
Passing defense 209.8 yards per game 280.5 yards per game
Rushing offense 170.36 yards per game 190.3 yards per game
Rushing defense 156.45 yards per game 111.67 yards per game
Turnover margin +4 +8
Third down conversion 44.64 percent 47.24 percent
Third down opp. conversion 37.1  percent 31.5 percent

This just shows how much a battle that this game could be as it is a game featuring strength against strength on Saturday night. The key difference could be that Utah State's offense fare's better than Fresno State's defense, and that is the matchup that could determine the outcome of this game; assuming both teams strengths cancel each other out.