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Mountain West championship game 2013: Who wins, Fresno State or Utah State

Will it be Utah State or Fresno State who will be the Mountain West champion?

When the Mountain West title game kicks off Saturday night those tuning in will be fans of both schools, plus the causal fan (or maybe diehard fans since this game kicks off at 10 p.m. ET) who like college football will be tuning in.

I am one of the fans who clearly leans toward the diehard side but do not have any rooting interest in either team. However, it is inevitable for someone like me or others who will pick a team as the game goes on. Some will go with Utah State because they do not have a number to the left side of their school name, and others will want to root for Fresno State to see what their offense can do against a very good Utah State defense.

Had a BCS berth still be on the line there would be a lot more Fresno State fans Saturday night rooting for them to get a chance to face off against a power team to see what that offense could do against a very good defense -- even better than Utah State.

With the game fast approaching drop a comment with your prediction and also cast a vote in the poll for who you think should win.