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Air Force vs. San Diego State game will be played Thursday, per report

San Diego State and Air Force will play as scheduled Thursday night, per reports.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

The wait is over, or at least that is the reports. News coming out of Colorado Springs, Colo., is saying that Air Force vs. San Diego State will go on as scheduled Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET, and will be seen on CBS Sports Network.

Brent Briggeman of the Colorado Springs-Gazette has been all over this story and he is reporting that the game is on, per a source.

A quick look at the Air Force athletics official Twitter account and they say otherwise, "Our hope is that all AF sports will play this week, including football."

While nothing is official from the schools, it seems that the game will be played since the San Diego State equipment truck left as plan for the approximately 20-hour drive from San Diego to the Air Force Academy.

This game had been in limbo since the government has been in shutdown and all intercollegiate sporting events have been canceled for almost two weeks now. Assuming the game will be played this will save both teams a lot of headaches, especially San Diego State who could have lost $125,000 in flights and hotel rooms for not playing this Thursday.

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