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San Diego State vs. Air Force: Source 'bets on' game being played Thursday

No decision has been made on Air Force vs. San Diego State, but someone close to the situation thinks Thursday's game is likely to happen.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego State, Air Force and the Mountain West are still trying to figure out if Thursday night's game between the two schools can go on as planned. There was plenty of talk between the parties on Monday to weigh their options, but as of Monday night there is still no decision on if the game will be played.

Air Force, along with Army and Navy, submitted a joint proposal on Monday to allow them to continue to play football while the government shutdown is still in effect.

San Diego State athletic director Jim Sterk feels that the plan presented is a good one to allow the service academies to play this weekend:

"Last week wasn't trending very optimistic, but later in the week Commissioner (Craig) Thompson said, ‘I think it's flipped,'" Sterk said. "I think (the Air Force Academy representatives) feel like they have a good plan they've put forward, and in the past, they've been able to play (during shutdowns)."

The issue this week is not about public perception but rather about money, since Air Force can not use appropriated funds for this game. One thing that could help get this game back on track is that approximately 1,000 Air Force employees were allowed to return to work on Monday, and that included many in the athletic department. Even with those back at work it all comes down to the decision by the Department of Defense.

The drop dead date to know if the game will go on is Tuesday morning as the San Diego State athletic truck plans to roll out of San Diego State at 9 a.m. PT.

If the game can not be played this Thursday night both teams have a mutual bye week on Saturday Oct. 19, so it could be played then. The game this week is to be on CBS Sports Network so if the game has to be played on their bye week it likely would be the fourth and final game on CBS Sports Network. The kickoff would be a late-night affair since Boise State and Nevada kickoff at 8 p.m. ET, so this could mean a likely 11:30 p.m. ET kick for Air Force vs. San Diego State.

However, it may not come down to that as Brent Briggeman of the Colorado Springs-Gazette has a source that is leaning toward the game being played on Oct. 10.