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San Diego State vs. Air Force: Monday could provide game status update

San Diego State vs. Air Force's Thursday night game is still in question do the government shutdown.

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The latest update on if Air Force will be able to host San Diego State is that as of Monday morning there is no update on whether or not this game will go on. As of now, the game is canceled but both schools already started practicing and preparing as if the game will go on.

There is some hope about this game as over 1,000 of Air Force employees are able to get back to work on Monday and that includes Air Force Associate Athletic Director Troy Garnhart. Garnhart said he would know more once he is allowed back to the office. Also, there is going to be a teleconference on Monday between Air Force and the Mountain West to discuss options.

Both teams are heading in opposite directions with San Diego State finally seems to have its offense on track, while Air Force has lost five straight games. San Diego State head coach Rocky Long wants to keep playing to capitalize on the momentum after having a terrible start to the season.

If the game can not be played both schools do have a mutual bye week on Oct. 19, so there is some wiggle room but rescheduling a game is a logistical nightmare. There currently is no drop dead date to decide if this game can go on, but that likely will need to be made early in the day on Wednesday to allow San Diego State to make the quick flight Air Force.

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