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Week 6 Mountain West football power rankings: Fresno State is king

Fresno State is the unanimous choice as the best team in the West in the Mountain West, and are the best team in the league.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this has not been consistent, but we are back this week with the latest Mountain West power rankings. The league is an outright mess, we have overvalued and undervalued teams this year. San Jose State and Boise State are not quite as good as thought, and Wyoming has been a huge surprise even with the loss against Texas State being considered.

Well here are the results and any first place vote is in parenthesis. Also, votes were counted by first place getting six points, second place five points and so on until sixth place gets a single point.

Here is the Week 6 power poll, with 14 voters:

Mountain West
1. Utah State 77 (9) 1. Fresno State 84 (14)
2. Boise State 74 (4) 2. Nevada 62
3. Wyoming 57 (1) 3. San Jose State 51
4. Colorado State 43 4.UNLV 46
5. Air Force 25 5. San Diego State 28
6. New Mexico 23 6. Hawaii 19

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