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Linked Up: Mountain West schedules heavyweights, closer look at Boise State's win over BYU

Wyoming and Fresno State each schedule a Pac-12 team, while OBNUG breaks down the two-point conversion play in their win over BYU.

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There was some scheduling news this past week regarding the Wyoming Cowboys and Fresno St. Bulldogs. Each team has scheduled a Pac-12 foe in the near future.

First up is Wyoming who has scheduled FCS power Montana to come to town in 2014, but the scheduling catch was a home-and-home series with the Washington St. Cougars:

The athletic department has been busy adding to their future football schedules lately. Previously there had been deals made with eastern schools. Now we have two western schools added to the mix. The biggest news is the the home and home series with the Washington State Cougars. This is something I've been hoping for a long time. Wyoming and Wazzu have a lot in common. Pullman and Laramie are fairly similar towns and I face some similar challenges.

This series also makes sense for other reasons. Wyoming has been recruiting the Pacific Northwest heavily and this game will help increase the Pokes exposure in that region. Several of the Cowboy coaches have Washington roots and family still in the area. Mike Leach grew up in Wyoming and I bet he was interested in working out a trip back home.

This is a good move for Wyoming, because Washington State is one of those teams that are not the best in their league, and really in Wazzu's case closer to the bottom. Wyoming will travel to Pullman on September 12, 2015. The Cougars make the return trip to Laramie to open the season in 2018.

Then there is Fresno State scheduling a one-time game against the USC Trojans in 2014, and the last time the two teams played in 2005 Reggie Bush had a huge game for the Trojans to get past Fresno State.

In Boise State's 7-6 win over BYU last Thursday, there was one play stood out and it was the two-point conversion that Boise State defended perfectly. Over at OBNUG, they breakdown that play, plus others:






Pretty amazing play and an excellent breakdown, so go read their commentary on the play.