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Coverage map for Boise State vs. Nevada

Two-thirds of the country will see Boise State take on Nevada.

Saturday's matchup between Boise State and Nevada is going to be shown on ABC, but now we know what part of the country will see the game. Pretty much everyone West of the Mississippi River will show Boise State, while the rest will get Cincinnati and UConn.

For those Boise State or Nevada fans who live on the Eastern part of the United States, the game can still be seen, but it will be shown on ESPN3. Usually, these games are reversed mirrored on ESPN or ESPN2.

Here is the coverage map of the game:


This game also will be the first time that Boise State has been on ABC since 2010 when they hosted Oregon State. Boise State ended up winning that game, 37-24. For Nevada, I believe that this will be their first-ever appearance on ABC.