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Ryan Katz injury: San Diego State quarterback leaves game with right leg injury

The San Diego St. Aztecs are going to be without starting quarterback Ryan Katz, possibly for the remainder of the game. During the second drive of the game, Katz was looking to take off as no player was open, but he was sacked by Nevada's Jeremiah Green.

Katz went down very hard and has a right leg, or possibly even ankle, injury when Green tackled Katz. During the tackle the two players rolled over during the process placing pressure on Katz's right lower leg. He was taken off the field on a cart, and currently is status to return is unknown.

Coming into replace Katz will be Adam Dingwell, the big loss with Dingwell coming into the game is that he does not have the mobility that Katz brings to the table. However, the drop off in production should not be too steep as Dingwell was in a tight race late into fall camp to try to win the starting quarterback job.