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2014 Fiesta Bowl: Key plays that led to Boise State's win over Arizona

Check out the key plays in Boise State's win over Arizona.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State won their third Fiesta Bowl by holding off Arizona's rally, and their own second half offensive efficiencies. There were plenty of exciting touchdowns, big sacks and other plays throughout the game.

We will focus on a handful off plays or events that changed the game, in no real order.

1. Kamalei Correa sack to end the game. Well, this is the most important play so it deserves to be mentioned first. Correa ran down Anu Solomon who tried to make a play but was sacked in bounds with no timeouts left for the Wildcats.

2. Interception by Cleshawn Page in the second quarter. Boise State was leading 21-7 but Arizona had the momentum after forcing the Broncos on a three-and-out. The interception led to Jay Ajayi stretching out for a touchdown to put Boise State up 28-7.

3. All of the offensive touchdowns in the first quarter. The two 50-plus yard touchdowns by Ajayi and Chaz Andersen. A lot of credit also goes to the offensive line who was just dominating the Arizona front seven. Then of course the infamous Statue of Liberty play.

Here is another view of the play:

4. Bryan Harsin electing to go for points at the end of the second half. Arizona came off kicking a field goal and with the 30 seconds left Boise State attacked and with a series of completion was able to get points at the end of the half with a 36-yard field goal.

5. Donte Deayon scoring the only Boise State points in the second half with a pick six.