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Fiesta Bowl: Bryan Harsin arrives in Arizona

Bryan Harsin addresses the media upon arriving to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl.

Boise State arrived at the Fiesta Bowl and Bryan Harsin addressed the media at his press conference. Here are some quotes about the game. Here is Harsin's comments on facing No. 10 ranked Arizona.

"If you look at their team across the board, one is speed. We're going to be facing a team that is probably one of the fastest we've seen this entire year. Two, offensively, what they do makes it very hard to game plan because they have so many run-pass options off the plays they run. And then the tempo - coach (Rich) Rodriguez has been doing this a long time and has developed a no-huddle system that is difficult to defend. We're going to have to do a great job against them trying to slow them down."

The season for Boise State started off slow with a 3-2 start after that Week 5 loss to Air Force, but the Broncos turned things around to finish 11-2. That is a big turnaround from an 8-5 season last year and losing Chris Petersen to Washington.

"We played Ole Miss. We played them tough, but we didn't finish that game and we started to get on a roll and we lost to Air Force. That was probably the turning point of our season. Are we going to go back to being an 8-5 team or are we going to decide that we're going to go 1-0 each and every week? And that's what we did. We had no idea that this would be the end result, that we'd have a chance to play in this game. We were just trying to win, and just trying to win our conference. The way it's worked out, I'm really proud of our coaching staff. I'm really proud of our team just because I know how hard they've worked and I know how difficult it is to get into a game like this against a team like Arizona."