C-USA / MW Merger can now go forward


Now that the last shoe has dropped, the MW and C-USA can finalize the long awaited, and delayed, merger. The merger was hung up until the Big East finished its raiding. Looks like its 16 teams for football and 15 for everything else: pretty weak sauce. 8/8 and 8/7 leagues with shrinking regional coverage and fewer regional rivalries might be hard to sell, or to get fans interested.

The Mtn.'s Death-knell


Early indication, and as we all know this could change at any time, but the C-USA / MW "merger" or "alliance" is on and in the hands of attorneys now. Looks like UTEP will come over to the MW and one more will get added to C-USA. No regional expansion, so no added western team: "A source also indicated to SbB this week that Mountain West conference television outlet The Mtn., has recently informed some of its employees that the network may cease operation - at least as an exclusive Mountain West outlet - after the MWC baseball tournament in late May."

Fresno State's David Carr and Bear Pascoe are Super Bowl Champs!


Fresno State's David Carr and Bear Pascoe are Super Bowl Champs!

BYU and Utah are missing out on the party in the Mountain West


A write up from the SLC Trib about how awesome the MWC is and how pathetic Utah's attempts in the Pac-12 are and BYU is fairing only slightly better, dropping both contests to Saint Mary's so far in the WCC.

Four Mountain West Teams Are In Latest Bracketology


Colorado State enters the mix after their upset win over San Diego State. Here are the seeds: No. 3 UNLV No. 5 San Diego State No. 9 New Mexico No. 12 Colorado State (Opening round game)

Pat Hill heads to Atlanta


The Atlanta Falcons have hired former Fresno State head coach Pat Hill to coach their offensive line.

An old article on the problems between Craig Thompson, BYU and ESPN


Digging around, looking for reasons for the present predicament the Mountain West finds itself in, I came across this article, written in August. If it is true, the personal/professional relationships that the Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson has with BYU and, more importantly, with ESPN are what are holding the conference back. Could the MW commissioner be the thing keeping the conference tied to the Mtn. and out of national exposure? Has he become a liability to the conference?

For some reason this 1990 game where LSU beat UNLV 107-105 is available in its entirety. It...


For some reason this 1990 game where LSU beat UNLV 107-105 is available in its entirety. It includes early LSU years of Shaq. Hat tip: ATVS

Seven Wins Maybe New Threshold For Bowl Eligibility


This is a good move, that means some bowls will fold.