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Derek Carr not even considered a Heisman candidate

Derek Carr has the stats but not the respect, yet, to be at least a Heisman candidate.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Fresno State launched a pretty sweet website to promote Derek Carr's Heisman trophy candidacy, but the national media and betting websites do not even have him as a long shot. Carr's numbers and team rankings should at least give him a long shot status by Bodava.

Carr is No. 3 in the country in passing yards per game at 373.3 yards per game and also has 12 touchdowns which is good for No. 6 in the country despite playing in just three instead of four games due to the Colorado game being postponed.

That missing game could be an issue because for Carr to get some Heisman consideration he needs to blow up the stat sheet and that is something he could have done by playing a poor Colorado defense.

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Carr has few chances to play any ranked teams left on the schedule. The hope is that Wyoming keeps winning and could be 7-1 when the two teams face off in November, and at that point Wyoming could possibly be ranked. Also, Boise State might be able to recover to be ranked if they can finish out 10-2 and both teams meet up again. Chances are slight, but there are chances.

Again, missing that Colorado game where Carr could have another three touchdowns and 350 yards passing, and it all just adds up. Carr's season could end up mirroring his brother David Carr who put up amazing stats and did finish fifth back in 2001, but was not invited to New York City since that year less than five were invited.

It will all boil down to Carr putting up at a minimum of 300 yards and three touchdowns per game to get any consideration, and it will definitely help to put up a few 400 yards games and four or more touchdowns. All Carr can do is put some big numbers and hope voters take notice.

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