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USA Today giving Derek Carr some Heisman love

Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr is getting some Heisman consideration from USA Today.

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William Mancebo

It is pretty clear that Derek Carr is not going to win the Heisman trophy, barring some sort of miracle, but he is recognized by one of the best quarterbacks and player in college football. Playing for Fresno State does not allow Carr to play as many high profile teams as well as being a team that is a traditional powerhouse.

Around the web there are Heisman sites and polls that do week polls about who is ranked where, and most of them do not include Carr. However, USA Today has had Carr near the bottom of their top 10 for awhile, and the latest poll has Carr at the No. 10 spot, which is one spot lower than the week prior:

10. Fresno State QB Derek Carr (Last week's ranking: No. 9)

Season stats: 183-of-259 for 1,864 yards; 19 touchdowns, four interceptions

Carr has earned the requisite non-AQ spot based on his own production, not to mention the way Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch struggled throwing the football in Saturday's win against Akron. If a long shot for the trophy, Carr can earn an invite to Manhattan with a strong second half - and if he leads the Bulldogs to 12-0 and the doorstep of an at-large BCS bid.

Other quarterbacks on the list ahead of Carr are many but the oddest one included is Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller who has played in three complete games and just one series against San Diego State.

Somehow, he is listed ahead of Carr at the No. 9, and here is his stat line 49-of-75 for 609 yards; six touchdowns, two interceptions; 57 carries for 233 yards. Miller is a great quarterback but by missing three games should make it difficult to win the Heisman let alone be ahead ahead of Carr, at least in this point.

Just seeing Miller ahead of Carr shows just how difficult it will be for Carr, or any other player from a non-major conference, to win the Heisman trophy.

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