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Conference Expansion

The Realignment Circus Marches On

How does it impact the Mountain West?

Peak Perspective: How realignment dominoes could strengthen the Mountain West.

Mountain West Reacts Results: SDSU, Conference Realignment, & the Hot Seat

Mountaintop View 6-22-23

UNLV football, Athlon rankings, more SDSU realignment talk, and more from Wednesday

Mountain West Reacts Survey: Conference Realignment, Coach Hot Seat

Is Realignment Really Best for Boise State?

Peak Perspective: Power 5 bias is alive and well in playoff talk.

Report: Air Force, Colorado State, staying in the Mountain West.

Peak Perspective: Should the Mountain West consider adding PAC-12 teams?

A look at the value the PAC-12 could potentially add.

The Biggest Realignment Loser

Boise State built a reputation as a football powerhouse. Is realignment impacting their reputation?

Peak Perspective: Media Day Follow Up (and beyond)

Great Big Group of Five Conference Realignment Auction: MWC Results

A new-look Mountain West from our off-season project.

MWC Round Table

Some of us offer thoughts on MWC expansion possibilities.

Mountaintop View 3-28-18

All the talk about Gonzaga.

Gonzaga to the MWC: Why it Makes Sense for Both Sides

A look at the benefits of adding Gonzaga, both for the school and the conference.

The Mountain West should take a risk, add Grand Canyon

As a non-power league there needs to be creativity.

Why isn’t the Mountain West interested in Wichita State?

The AAC and Wichita State are reportedly talking about joining together. Why is the Mountain West on the sidelines.

Idaho head coach thinks Vandals should be in the Mountain West

Paul Petrino is thumping his chest after the Vandals went 2-0 vs. Mountain West

Colorado State releases statement on Big 12 not expanding

Colorado State President Tony Frank put out a statement about the decision to not expand the Big 12 Conference

Will a decision finally be made on Big 12 expansion?

Not expanding is still on the table for the Big 12.

Former BYU player says Cougars should return to the Mountain West

Would enough members of the Mountain West want them back?

Mountain West considering expanding

Will the Mountain West target Texas schools and expand beyond 12?

Colorado State, Air Force still in the running for the Big 12

ESPN is reporting that there are at least 12 teams vying for a spot in the Big 12.

REPORT: Colorado State is still in the mix for the Big 12

Varying reports are coming out regarding Big 12 expansion, what else is new

Big 12 reportedly trims list of expansion candidates

The Big 12 chugs along with reviewing teams and omits Mountain West schools.

Colorado State sends letter to Big 12

The Colordoan obtained the simple letter from Colorado State to the Big 12.

Conference Realignment Series: A Recap

We wrap up our realignment series.

Boise State makes its own pitch to the Big 12

Praise from President Obama and a stadium expansion are selling points.

UNLV Submits Letter of Interest to Big 12

UNLV has hopped aboard the Big 12 expansion train.

Five Mountain West schools vying for Big 12 entrance

Well over a dozen teams are vying for Big 12 entrance.

New Mexico sends letter to Big 12

On July 22, New Mexico sent a letter to the Big 12 about joining their league.

The digital revolution is happening right now with live college sports

Soon we will all be watching most college sports on a digital-only network


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