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2013 MWC baseball tournament: Fresno State avoids elimination, defeats Air Force, 6-4

Fresno State stays alive by avoiding elimination, and now plays Nevada.

Fresno State held court at home as they were able to stay alive in the 2013 MWC baseball tournament as they defeated Air Force, 6-4. There were two key factors to why Fresno State one this elimination game.

Fresno State's top third of the lineup is what propelled them to victor as they went 6-for-12, scored five runs scored and also had one RBI off Aaron Judge's solo home run in third inning.

Air Force got players on base but they were unable to take advantage of that as they left 17 runners on base, and an astounding 11 in scoring position.

With the win, Fresno State takes on Nevada at 2 p.m. ET in another elimination game. The two played in the tournaments opening round where Nevada won 4-3 in 12 innings.