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2023 Mountain West Football TV Schedule

The MWC released the game times for the season. Check them out.

Air Force v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Mountain West released game specifics for the 2023 football season. We now know most of the dates, times, and channels for every team’s games. Every team released their specific schedule, but here are the tweets from the conference’s official account:

A few observations about the games featured on each station:

  • On the CBS side of things, the majority of the games are on CBS Sports, as they normally are. However, 3 home games are featured on the main CBS this year, which is one less than last season. This year, 27 games will be on CBS Sports, which is 3 up from 2022.
  • Unlike last year, none of them are the CIC games when Air Force plays either Army or Navy. Instead, they are three games featuring three different teams, all playing Power 5 opponents at home (which is a nice accomplishment by itself). Texas Tech plays at Wyoming, Oregon State at San Jose State, and UCLA at San Diego State. All are big opportunities for the conference. The SJSU games is played on a Sunday and should get a lot of people watching.
  • On the Fox side of things, it looks like there is about one game a week on their family of networks. Although a few weeks later in the season have multiple games. The 2023 total for Fox Networks is 16 (not including the MWC championship game on Fox). 6 of those will be on FS1, while the rest are currently unassigned, but there isn’t much of a chance any of them will get bumped up to Fox. Hopefully, not too many get regulated to FS2. In 2022, a total of 22 games were featured on one of the Fox stations, with 9 that were guaranteed to be on FS1. It is a bit disappointing that there are less games on the Fox family of networks this year.
  • One positive development is that overall it seems like there are more earlier game for the conference. This could be the tradeoff for less FS1 games and less Friday games. In 2022, there were a total of 15 games announced in May that had a local start time of 7:00 pm or later. In 2023, we currently have only 10 games that will start at 7:00 pm or later local time. Although a handful of games are still unannounced and are likely to be late games, this should appease fans attending games. While the true reason is currently unknown, it would make sense that CBS was willing to give an earlier time slot for some Mountain West games where Fox was not.
  • Boise State (5) and San Diego State (4) have the most home games on Fox stations. It looks like Fox and CBS made a trade with Boise State games. The Broncos play at Colorado State on a Fox station and play at home against SJSU on a CBS Sports.
  • Air Force (5) leads the way with home games on CBS channels, while Nevada, SDSU, and Wyoming (3 each) are next.
  • UNLV will play on CBS (at Michigan) for the first time ever, along with games on ESPN and Fox networks.