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2022-2023 MWC Player Movement Tracker

Where are all the Mountain West players going?

Mountain West Football Championship - Boise State v San Jose State Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As of August 1st, we are now in a new cycle of the transfer portal and it appears there is the first Mountain West transfer in the Mountain West Conference for the 2022-2023 cycle, which will be completed in May.

Here are the totals from last year and the ones prior, at least per 247Sports:

This post will probably be updated no more than weekly during the season and less so if transfer news is slow. Once December comes and transfer season explodes, expect updates more often.

See below for the latest movement going on around the conference. Bold lettering indicates new entries as of the last publication.

Note: Clint Grossi (@ClintGrossi) helps extensively with this tracker.

Outgoing Transfers

(entering the transfer portal)

Note: for non-grad transfers, players can officially enter the transfer portal on December 5th. This 45-day transfer window closed on January 18th. Players can still commit to a school at any time, but only graduate transfers can enter the portal from now until May 1st.

Air Force:

  • LB Elijah Manning will take a post-grad year and reclassify as a 2023 recruit.
  • OL Jadon Furubotten to Palomar JC
  • RB Kainoa Sayre
  • LB Tyler Brown to Tuskegee University
  • RB Tyler Stevens
  • DB Kaleb Miles has reclassified as a 2023 recruit.
  • DB Michael Schneider
  • OL Kyle Niese transferred to Indiana Wesleyan
  • DB David Eure
  • RB Daniel Jupiter
  • QB Haaziq Daniels
  • LB Cooper Roy transferred to Missouri State
  • DB Kevin Mindiefield Jr

Boise State:

  • OL Jacob Golden transferred to New Mexico State
  • TE/DE Casey Kline transferred to Central Oklahoma
  • WR Jalen Richmond transferred to Northern Arizona
  • DB Roman Kafentzis
  • RB Taequan Tyler
  • QB Hank Bachmeier (grad transfer) transferred to Louisiana Tech
  • DE Isaiah Bagnah transferred to BYU
  • TE Tyneil Hopper (grad transfer) transferred to Michigan State
  • K/P Will Ferrin transferred to BYU
  • DE Deven Wright transferred to Texas State
  • QB Sam Vidlak transferred to Montana
  • DT Jackson Cravens transferred to BYU
  • OL Dallas Holiday
  • LB Rejhan Tatum
  • DB Isaiah Bradford
  • P Gavin Wale
  • DE Andy Nwaoko

Colorado State:

  • LB Bam Amina transferred to UNLV
  • LB Devon Edwards (Twitter bio says he’s at Lindenwood but he’s not listed on their roster)
  • WR Dante Wright transferred to Temple
  • K Cayden Camper
  • WR Melquan Stovall (grad transfer) transferred to Arizona State
  • WR Ty McCullough transferred to Montana State
  • DB Tywan Francis (grad transfer)
  • RB David Bailey
  • DB Robert Floyd
  • WR Thomas Pannunzio (grad transfer) transferred to Central Michigan
  • WR Gerick Robinson transferred to Nevada
  • DL Devin Phillips (grad transfer) transferred to Kansas
  • OL Ches Jackson (grad transfer) transferred to Ohio
  • RB Alex Berrouet transferred to Maine
  • RR A’Jon Vivens (grad transfer)
  • WR EJ Scott
  • DB Deandre Greeley transferred by Buffalo
  • TE Drake Martinez
  • OL George Miki-Han transferred to Lidenwood
  • TE Tanner Arkin transferred to Illinois.
  • OL Owen Snively transferred to Eastern Michigan
  • RB Mason Veve
  • DB Robert Floyd
  • LB Tavion Brown transferred to Georgia State
  • DL Colby McNeal (walk-on)
  • DB Brannan Mannix
  • RB Jaylen Thomas
  • RB David Aggrey

Fresno State:

  • DL Joshua Pakola
  • OL Anthony La France is at Riverside CC
  • DL Tito Chikere
  • DB Michael Whaley
  • DB Emari Pait
  • DB Cale Sanders transferred to SMU
  • WR Josh Kelly transferred to Washington State
  • DL Andres Fox
  • K Andre Meono (walk-on) transferred to UNLV
  • DE Leonard Payne transferred to Colorado
  • OL Tyrone Sampson
  • DB Evan Williams transferred to Oregon
  • LB Rian Fields (walk on)
  • OL Bula Schmidt transferred to UCF
  • QB Alec Trujillo-Transferred to DeAnza Junior College


  • QB Connor Apo
  • LB Sonny Semeatu
  • DB Trevon Killins transferred to Mississippi Valley State
  • QB Cammon Cooper transferred to SE Louisana
  • WR Dior Scott
  • OL Nate Adams transferred to Stephen F. Austin
  • LB Riley Wilson transferred to Montana
  • DB Tydrick Marsh
  • K Kyler Halvorsen transferred to San Jose State
  • DB Tiger Peterson
  • OL Junior Ta’ase Faumui


  • TE Edwin LaCrosse to Western New Mexico
  • DB JoJuan Claiborne (grad transfer)
  • OL Grant Starck transferred to Oregon State
  • OL Aaron Frost transferred to Arizona State
  • QB Jonah Chong
  • LB Jeremiah Bodwin
  • WR Victor Snow
  • TE Trace Patterson (walk-on)
  • OL Thomas Haney
  • OL Andrew Cannon
  • TE Carlton Brown
  • WR Lucas Prendergast

New Mexico:

  • WR Keyoneta Lanier transferred to Colorado State
  • WR Zoe Roberts
  • DB Andrell Barney transferred to Snow Community College
  • DB Benji Johnson transferred to Austin Peay
  • WR Geordon Porter
  • QB Connor Genal
  • WR Christian Jourdain
  • WR Antonio Hunt
  • WR Jah’mar Sanders transferred to Lamar
  • DL Jake Saltonstall transferred to North Dakota
  • QB Bear Milacek (medically retired)
  • RB Peyton Dixon transferred to Nevada
  • DB Xavier Hailey
  • K Zach Benedict
  • DB Adari Haulcy Jr transferred to Houston
  • DB Ronald Wilson Jr. transferred to Incarnate Word
  • RB Jaden Hullaby
  • DL Jaden Phillips transferred to Sam Houston State
  • DB Anthony Odums
  • DL Ian Shewell
  • LB Cody Moon transferred to San Diego State
  • QB CJ Montes transferred to Fordham
  • WR Trae Hall

San Diego State:

  • QB William Haskell
  • DB CJ Baskerville transferred to Texas Tech
  • WR Ronald Gilliam
  • OL Zavier Leonard (was not on the team this season)
  • TE JP Murphy transferred to Eastern Washington
  • P David Delgado
  • DB Isaiah McElvane

San Jose State:

  • DB Giovonni Harper transferred to Texas Southern
  • DL Grady Manley
  • WR Isaiah Hamilton transferred to Washington State
  • DB Mikale Greer (walkon) transferred to Northern Arizona
  • WR Terence Loville
  • WR Jermaine Braddock
  • P Travis Benham


  • LB Tanner Salisbury
  • OL Noah McKinney transferred to Oklahoma State
  • WR Kyle Williams transferred to Washington State
  • DB Nohl Williams transferred to Cal
  • RB Aidan Robbins transferred to BYU
  • OL Leif Fautanu transferred to Arizona State
  • DB Kilinahe Mendiola-Jensen

Utah State:

  • LB Owen Fa’amoe transferred to Idaho
  • DE Addison Trupp
  • RB Pailate Makakona
  • RB John Gentry transferred to Sam Houston State
  • DB Luke Marion
  • DB Crew Wakley
  • DB Saco Alofipo transferred to New Mexico Military Institute JC
  • WR Xavier Williams
  • QB Garrett Larson (walk on)
  • DL Sione Moa
  • OL Weylin Lapuaho transferred to BYU
  • DE Daniel Grzesiak transferred to Cincinnati
  • DE Byron Vaughns
  • DL Tavian Coleman transferred to Texas State
  • WR Garrett Walchli transferred to Montana State
  • DE Patrick Joyner transferred to Kansas
  • DT Aurion Peoples
  • OL Philip Paea


  • DB Cam Stone transferred to Hawaii
  • WR Joshua Cobbs transferred to Houston
  • DE Oluwaseyi Omotosho transferred to Oregon State
  • DB Keonte Glinton
  • RB Joey Brassch
  • DB Zaire Jackson
  • WR Tyrese Grant
  • OT Jagger Filippone
  • DL Akili Bonnor
  • OL Mykel Janise

Incoming Transfers

(coming out of the portal)

Boise State

  • DB Titus Toler
  • WR Chase Penry
  • DE Kivon Wright
  • DE Tyler Wegis
  • DT Sheldon Newton

Colorado State

  • OL Drew Moss
  • DB Dominic Morris
  • OL Trevor Radosevich
  • TE Dallin Holker
  • K Ashton Wolff
  • DB Tyrell Grayson
  • OL Oliver Jervis
  • DB Ron Hardge III
  • OL Saveyon Henderson
  • DL Matt Thomas
  • WR Tay Lanier

Fresno State

  • QB Mikey Keene
  • DB Dean Clark
  • LB Tuasivi Nomura
  • RB Damien Moore


  • DE Elijah Robinson
  • DL Josh Jerome
  • DT Kuao Peihopa
  • LB Patrick Hisatake
  • DB Cam Stone
  • WR Steven McBride
  • OL Joshua Atkins


  • DE Tanner Vaughan
  • LB Jackson LaDuke
  • RB Sean Dollars
  • WR Gerick Robinson
  • DE Adrian Jackson
  • RB Peyton Dixon
  • QB Brendon Lewis
  • RB Ashton Hayes
  • DL Mackavelli Laie Malotumau
  • DB Tre Weed
  • TE Keleki Latu

New Mexico

  • LS Brendan Durkin
  • RB Andrew Henry
  • WR Ryan Davis
  • QB Dylan Hopkins
  • WR Jeremiah Hixon
  • QB David Charles Tabscott
  • TE Magnus Geers
  • WR Caleb Medford
  • DB Bryson Washington
  • DB Marvin Covington
  • DB D’arco Perkins McAllister
  • DL Gabriel Lopez

San Diego State

  • WR Raphael Williams Jr.
  • LB Cody Moon
  • DT Samuela Tuihalamaka
  • DB JD Coffey

San Jose State

  • RB Quali Conley
  • DB Jayvion Cole
  • DB DJ Harvey
  • K Kyler Halvorsen
  • QB Jay Butterfield
  • LB Henry Ikahihifo
  • RB Isaiah Ifanse


  • OL Jayden Ahboah
  • OL Jack Hasz
  • RB Gary Quarles
  • K Jose Pizano
  • LB Jackson Woodard
  • DB Jalen Frazier
  • OT Jalen St. John
  • RB Vincent Davis
  • LB Bam Amina

Utah State

  • DB Malone Mataele
  • LB Gavin Barthiel
  • WR Colby Bowman


  • RB Harrison Waylee
  • WR Devin Boddie Jr.

Post College

Air Force

  • OL Isaac Cochran accepted an invitation to the Tropical Bowl
  • TE Kyle Patterson accepted an invitation to the NFLPA Bowl

Boise State

  • DL Scott Matlock accepted an invitation to the NFLPA Bowl
  • DE George Tarlas accepted an invitation to the NFLPA Bowl
  • OL John Ojukwu accepted an invitation to the NFLPA Bowl and the East-West Shrine Bowl
  • DB JL Skinner accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl
  • DB Ty Jones accepted an invitation to the Shrine Bowl

Fresno State

  • QB Jake Haener accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl
  • RB Jordan Mims accepted an invitation to the East-West Shrine Bowl
  • WR Jalen Moreno-Cropper accepted an invitation to the East-West Shrine Bowl
  • WR Nikko Remigio accepted an invitation to the East-West Shrine Bowl
  • DE David Perales accepted an invitation to the NFLPA Bowl


  • TE Jordan Murray accepted an invitation to the Tropical Bowl
  • OL Ilm Manning accepted an invitation to the Shrine Bowl (No longer listed on roster or Twitter)


  • RB Toa Taua accepted an invitation to the Hula Bowl

San Diego State

  • LB Caden McDonald accepted an invitation to the Hula Bowl

San Jose State

  • DL Viliami Fehoko accepted an invitation to the Shrine Bowl
  • DB Nehemiah Shelton accepted an invitation to the Shrine Bowl
  • WR Elijah Cooks accepted an invitation to the Hula Bowl


  • LB Austin Ajiake accepted an invite to the Hula Bowl

Utah State

  • QB Logan Bonner accepted an invitation to the Tropical Bowl
  • RB Calvin Turner Jr. accepted an invitation to the Hula Bowl
  • OL Alfred Edwards accepted an invitation to the Hula Bowl


  • OL Eric Abojei accepted an invitation to the Hula Bowl

NFL Combine Invites:

  • Air Force TE Kyle Patterson
  • Boise State DB JL Skinner
  • Boise State DB Ty Jones
  • Fresno State QB Jake Haener
  • Fresno State WR Jalen Moreno-Cropper
  • San Jose State DL Viliami Fehoko