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2024 Senior Bowl Stock Report.

How did Carlton Johnson do?

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Parade Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Following the game, let’s look at how the sole Mountain West player changed their stock. Keep in mind information can be hard to come by for players, depending on their performance or their position. If anyone else can find info, please post in the comments.

DB Carlton Johnson III (Fresno State)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: Carlton Johnson received tons of praise for his efforts at the Senior Bowl last week. He was great in coverage, sticking close to receivers, getting deflections and interceptions and winning most of his matchups. He displayed those same skills during the game as well. Tons of scouts and coaches took notice and there werent’ many G5 players who had a better week. He finished the week by earning an invite to the NFL Combine, so it was mission accomplished for Johnson.
  • Stock Report: WAY UP