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Hike’s Peak Ep. 35: Top 10 Best Games of the MW Season!

Armed with a ludicrously complex formula to calculate how insane every game this year was, here is our list for the most exciting contests of 2023!

Welcome back to Hike’s Peak, thank you for coming back to the mountain! This week’s episode features the top 10 most exciting games of the Mountain West season, determined by a formula that factors in everything from field stormings to the impact on the conference long-term. Take a ride through the craziest moments of the year:

(Note: No transfer portal update this week, nothing worth noting has gone down)

  1. Breaking down the formula
  2. 3 honorable mentions
  3. The MW’s Top 10 most exciting games of the year (and what made them great)

Episode link is here!

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Check out the Mountain West depth chart tracker if you haven’t recently! Now complete will every team’s projected 1st and 2nd string for 2024! Holder and long snapper added! Transfers added or removed as soon as news breaks!