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Hike’s Peak Ep. 29 out now! Wyoming stuns, UNLV falls short, transfer portal update, and a look back at Craig Bohl’s career!

The 2023 Mountain West season is done! The Cowboys sent Craig Bohl off into the sunset, while UNLV lost a track meet to Kansas. Transfer portal update included as well.

Welcome back to Hike’s Peak! We’re officially done with the 2023 season for the Mountain West, with Wyoming sending Craig Bohl off into the sunset with a walk-off win and UNLV losing a track meet to Kansas. Here’s what else is going down on the mountaintop this week:

  1. UNLV vs. Kansas recap
  2. Wyoming vs. Toledo recap
  3. Hike’s Peak Weekly MVP
  4. Transfer portal update
  5. UNLV and Wyoming season notes
  6. A look back at Craig Bohl’s career

Episode link is here!

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