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Emergency pod! Brent Brennan hired by Arizona! Who’s in the mix to replace him? Why now? Does SJSU have to pivot to NIL to survive? (w/ special guest Vic Aquino)

Breaking news! Get all the info you need on Brennan’s departure, candidates to watch, and San Jose State’s future. Vic Aquino joins with the inside scoop!

Welcome back to Hike’s Peak, thanks for coming back on such short notice! In the early hours of January 17th, news broke that Brent Brennan, San Jose State’s head coach since 2017, was going to be hired as Arizona’s next head coach. Special guest Vic Aquino joins the show to give you the inside scoop on everything you need to know about this monumental news:

  1. Brent Brennan: His career in San Jose, contract details
  2. Why did Brennan leave, and why now?
  3. Who will the Spartans choose as their 20th head coach?
  4. Does SJSU need to lean into NIL to survive?

Episode link is here!

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