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Announcing the Hike’s Peak MW Depth Chart Tracker! Open to all! Roster preview for each team! Transfer Portal Update!

Check out the ‘24 Depth Chart Tracker, all the info you could want on all 12 teams! Portal news and roster breakdown also included!

(Please note: I recorded this episode before the news broke about Brent Brennan taking the head coach job at Arizona. An emergency podcast dedicated to that massive story will be released by 10 PM CST. Thanks for understanding!)

Welcome back to Hike’s Peak! We’re proud to reveal the 2024 Mountain West Depth Chart Tracker! It’s complete with all 12 team’s projected depth charts, departures, and transfer commitments. Click the link below the episode link to check it out! Here’s what else to look forward to in the second episode of the offseason:

  1. Introducing the Depth Chart Tracker
  2. Transfer portal update
  3. 2024 roster breakdown for every team

Episode link is here!

2024 Mountain West Depth Chart Tracker link is here!

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