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Stats Corner: Fresno’s Advanced Stats

Looking at the Advanced Stats of the Bulldog’s Win

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 Fresno State at Purdue Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Over the weekend the MWC picked up two wins against Power 5 teams, Wyoming knocked off Texas Tech at home and Fresno State went into Big 10 country and beat Purdue. Over the years, Stats Corner has looked at the Advanced State of different games. This week we are going to look at the Advanced Stats for Fresno’s win. If you need a refresher on Advanced Stats, always have one.

Backed Up

The Boilermakers won the field position battle by 7 yards, with an average field position starting position of 67.3 yards compared to 74.3 yards of the Bulldogs. This was helped by 2 drives starting in Bulldog territory of 17 yards and 44 yards, both of which resulted in a touchdown. However, the Boilermakers were backed up 4 times, starting on their own 8, 18, 20- and 15-yard line, while the Bulldogs were backed up 3 times, starting on their own 15, 15 and yard line. The Bulldogs will take the drive starting on the 1-yard line as it was a result of the defense making a goal line stand on 4th down. The Bulldogs did not have a drive which began in their territory.


OFP-Fresno State

OLF Fresno State

DFP-Fresno State

DLF-Fresno State

Backed-up Advanced Stats: Fresno State 4-Purdue 1

Third Downs

Fresno State had 17 third downs and converted 11 of them for 64.7% conversion. Purdue went 3 for 12, 25%. The Bulldogs had the most third down conversion in the country this weekend and the fifth highest conversion rate, Purdue was 77th and 82nd. This led to total play advantage of 82-60 for the Bulldogs by extending drives and keeping the Boilermakers offense off the field. The Boilermakers also missed 2 fourth down conversion, one on the goal line and the second at the end of the game.

Offensive 3rd down converted Fresno State

Offensive 3rd conversion rate Fresno State

Defensive 3rd down converted Fresno State

Defensive 3rd conversion rate Fresno State

3rd Down Advanced Stats: Fresno State 4-Purdue 0

Down and Distance

The Bulldogs average 4.7 yards on 1st downs, a massive 8.3 on 2nd downs, and 6.6 on 3rd downs. The Boilermakers averaged 6.0 yards on 1st downs, 4.9 on second downs, and 9.25 on third downs, however if you removed the 84-yard touchdown on 3rd down the average is just 2.5. The average distance for 2nd and 3rd downs favored the Bulldogs with an average of 7.6 yards on 2nd down and 3.2 yards on third downs compared to 7.8 yards and 4.6 yards for Purdue. When you need 4.6 yards on average to convert a 3rd down and you average 2.5 yards with 4 plays going for zero yards, 2 for 1 yard and one negative play it is hard to convert 3rd downs and keep the drive going. Having a shorter 2nd and 3rd distance makes the offense less predictable as they have more options to gain a shorter distance.

Yards on 1st down Purdue

Yards on 2nd down Fresno State

Yards on 3rd down Purdue

2nd down and distance Fresno State

3rd down and distance Fresno State

Down and Distance Advanced Stats: Fresno State 3-Purdue 2

Red Zone

Both teams had 4 red zones opportunities and both teams scored 3 times, with Purdue scoring 3 touchdowns and being stopped once and Fresno State scoring 3 touchdowns missing a field goal.

Redzone attempts Tied

Redzone Offense Percentage Scoring Tied

Redzone Defense Percentage Scoring Tied

Red Zone Advanced Stats: Fresno State 0-Purdue 0

Total Advanced Statistics: Fresno State 11-Purdue 3

The Advanced Stats lean heavily to the Bulldogs, with field position and 3rd conversions having the most discrepancy between the teams. This played a huge part in the second half, after the Boilermakers scored on the kickoff return. Purdue went 34 yards and missed a field goal, 21 yards and punted, 74 yards and turned over on downs, 55 yards after an interception, and 19 yards turned over on downs. It also took 7 plays to go 34 yards, and 5 plays to 19 yards. Having a long field, but not able convert 3rd downs due to down and distance issues prevented the Boilermakers from being able to sustain drives and score points. They scoring drives of 3 plays 92 yards and 2 plays 55-yard drives. When they needed to put long drives together they could not get themselves in a position to convert. The Bulldogs on the other hand had scoring drives of 6 plays 55 yards, 6 plays 60 yards, 9 plays 74 yards, 14 plays 85 yards, and 9 plays 79 yards. They could convert 3rd downs and put themselves into a position where Purdue was playing defense and could not score.