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Mountain West in the Rankings

A Mountain West school becomes nationally ranked for the first time this season

Fresno State v Arizona State Photo by Bruce Yeung/Getty Images

For the first time this season, a Mountain West school is nationally ranked. Fresno State enters the AP Poll with the number 25 ranking. The Bulldogs enteredthe rankings after a dominating victory over Kent State and two big wins over Power Five schools in Purdue and Arizona State. Air Force is currently sits eleven spots outside of the top 25 with six votes.

Fresno State is just outside of the top 25 in the Coaches Pol, as the first team in the receiving votes category. Air Force is eleven spots outside of the 25 in the Coaches Poll as well.

Do you think the Bulldogs should be ranked? Are they ranked high enough? Are the Falcons getting the respect they deserve? Leave your thoughts in the comments below?