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Mountaintop View 9-20-23. Fresno State, Conference Realignment, NCAA History, Winning Streaks, US Integrity Partnership

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It’s getting closer to the weekend, and that means more football games. Once again, it’s the mid-way point of the weekend, and we are already closer to game day. Through it all, we have you covered. Take a look at today’s links, plus the content coming your way on our site.

Fresno State and the best MW teams.

Chris Vannini goes through his weekly questions, but one is about who the top four teams in the Mountain West are. Vannini goes with Fresno State, Wyoming, Air Force, and San Diego State. He says we need to stop doubting Jeff Tedford, and notes the consistency of Wyoming. He discusses how Boise State should get better as the season goes on. He also notes how the conference appears to be better overall, citing the recent strong play by UNLV and Hawaii.

Conference relegation coming?

In the latest conference realignment news, possibilities continue to swirl around as lawyers get ready for a legal battle in court. One out of the box idea being considered is using a relegation and promotion system like European soccer. This model would allow the conference to be unified as one but function as two, preserving the names and brands while giving all teams a home. They can also retain the money, which is an important factor. In order to pull it off, they would need to add two more teams to get to 16 total, 8 in each division/conference. The model raises as many new questions after solving some answers, but it seems like an endeavor worth exploring.

What’s interesting is that one of our writers, Toby, proposed a similar idea two years ago.

History of the NCAA shows little has changed.

Extra Points goes back in time 50 years to when the NCAA broke into divisions. There were lots of discussions of what to call the divisions, with a push to designate by colors instead of numbers. But the real story is back then, the move was prompted because schools had such a large gap in priorities, budget, and donors. Does that sound familiar? If so, it’s because the conversation hasn’t changed too much these days. But it’s good to know the history of the sport.

Mountain West teams top win streaks.

New Mountain West Partnership

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