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Wyoming’s valiant effort against #4 Texas is not enough

The Cowboys were hopeful for another upset against a top-four opponent, but the fourth quarter got the best of them.

Troy Babbitt - UW Athletics

TEXAS - 31


Starting QB Andrew Peasley was out against the Longhorns, so Evan Svoboda stepped in and kept up with Texas for three quarters, but the fourth quarter scaries were real this game.

At the end of three quarters, Wyoming was tied with number four Texas, 10-10, and it seemed very realistic that the Cowboys walk out of Austin undefeated. But good teams are going to do what good teams do.

The Longhorns prevail and Wyoming heads home with a moral victory.

Key Stats

Harrison Waylee was back from injury and finally played in his first game as a Poke, where he opened up the game with a 62-yard breakout run for a touchdown to take the lead early. It would end up being the Cowboy’s only touchdown of the game. Waylee’s performance would mark his ninth career 100-yard rushing game, and it looks like we have a number-one back in Laramie. He was pretty easily Wyoming’s best player on Saturday, and you can expect him to get into the endzone a few times at War Memorial.

Evan Svoboda outpassed Quinn Ewers in Austin, throwing for 136 and 131 yards respectively. There’s no question it was a running back’s game, but Svoboda did not disappoint against a stacked Texas defense.

Sabastian Harsh got in for the Cowboy’s only sack of the game, and aside from this, pressure on Quinn Ewers was pretty nonexistent.

The First Three Quarters

Before the game, uncertainty was brewing around the quarterback position, and not many knew who was going to start. Svoboda ended up going in the whole game and played how you would expect.

The Wyoming defense had Quinn Ewers stuck. The Longhorns were still making big plays, but Wyoming still held them to punts more than often. Texas did score one touchdown in the first three frames, but it was nearly a goal-line stand from the Cowboys if it wasn’t for an impressive touchdown catch from Byron Murphy.

An upset was in the air, and while it was a pretty boring game as far as action, Wyoming was holding its weight against the number four team in the nation.

UW had a very fortunate call go their way on a pass interference that placed them right in the red zone. They weren’t able to convert on this and may have proved that the lone score from Waylee on the first drive was a kind of flukey.

Both sides of the ball were holding their own, and they hoped to close out the game strong and shock the world.

The 4th Quarter

10-10 was the score entering the final frame, and Xavier Worthy got things started right away, taking a screen 44 yards to the crib. A missed tackle from Tyrecus Davis propelled this play, but Worthy was just too fast for the UW defense.

Nothing was getting done on offense for the Cowboys, and it seemed as if they just rolled over and died.

The nail in UW’s coffin was a big 61-yard run from Jonathan Brooks, that would turn into a red zone rush touchdown for Ewers.

A final kick in the gut for the Pokes was a pick-six that turned a 10-10 defensive battle into a three-score loss in the matter of a quarter.

Nonetheless, Wyoming is keeping up with top teams, whether that’s staying on par with number four Texas, or beating Texas Tech, the Cowboys are one of the premier teams in the Mountain West, and could easily compete for the conference title this winter.