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Wyoming vs. Texas Week 3: Here we go again…

A Wyoming team that has already exceeded expectations looks to exceed some more against #4 Texas in Austin.

Troy Babbitt- UW Athletics


Location: Austin, Texas (Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium)

Date/Time: Saturday, September 16th at 6:00 (Mountain Time)

Television: Mountain West Network

Streaming: You’ll need a cable log-in but the game will be streamed here.

Head-to-head: This will be the sixth time the two teams meet, Texas is 5-0 against Wyoming all-time.

At first glance, this may look like a minnow going into a shark fight, and while that may be true to some extent, this is some of the best football we’ve seen out of Wyoming in a while.

With an upset against Texas Tech in week 1, expectations are high for the Cowboys and fans are itching for another upset.

This will be the biggest stage that any of these players have played on thus far in their career, with the Longhorn stadium filling 100,000 people and likely being sold out for their matchup against the Cowboys.

Both teams won last week, and both teams are 2-0. Texas may have had a more difficult opponent though, as their win was over Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Quinn Ewers is finally looking like how he was advertised, and this Longhorn team might just have a field day against their Mountain West opponent.

How will Wyoming look?

It’s no question that this Cowboy defense is some of the best in the Mountain West, and was able to stump Tyler Shough and the Red Raiders later in their game.

We know who the defense is, they’ve made an identity for themselves that features a pass rush that already has seven sacks through two games. If Braden Siders and company can get past this behemoth of an offensive line and get to Quinn Ewers, things may get interesting.

As for the offense, this will absolutely be a run-first game. There is no chance UW is taking this game if the turnover battle is lost. We’ve seen what Peasley can do in these conservative sorts of situations too, and he knows his role in that. I expect to see a lot of scrambling out of him just like against Texas Tech, and not really forcing any big plays. Slow methodical drives from him will be just what the doctor ordered.

Sam Scott and D.Q. James will see a lot of field against the Longhorns as well, as that double-headed monster is going to be what Bohl is relying on all game.

It may be a tough ask, but Craig Bohl is not one to roll over and die in this position, facing a top-five team in the nation on their home turf. The Cowboys want to be featured on ESPN as a top upset of the season and play spoiler on the Longhorns.

What can we expect out of Texas?

Texas has not allowed a sack yet this season, this pass protection looks legit. This is scary for the Cowboys, as the pass rush is one of the key components of their game, and if Texas is able to nullify that in the trenches, it’s not good news for UW.

Quinn Ewers is obviously a stud and is rightfully getting Heisman hype after his big performance against Alabama. Simply put, I think he will dominate. He was able to pick apart a very respectable Alabama defense and is going to have centuries of time in the pocket.

The Longhorn defense sacked Jalen Milroe five times in Alabama as well, so I think it’s safe to say Andrew Peasley might get taken down a few times on Saturday.

Texas is ranked number four for a reason, and Longhorn fans expect to take care of Wyoming easily.


The buzz in Laramie is real for this game and everyone wants another upset, this time even bigger than the Texas Tech upset. I’m afraid the Cowboy luck has run out.

Texas is a 28.5 favorite in this game according to Draft Kings, and while they may not cover that spread I think they will take care of business and send Wyoming home 2-1.

This will be one of the craziest atmospheres any of these players will ever play in, and they don’t have the elevation advantage this time. If the Pokes somehow get it done in Austin, they will surely be ranked nationally, but it seems a little far-fetched at this point.

I would expect a really shaky start from the Pokes, and maybe they pick it back up in the second half. The first half will be full of struggles.

My pick for this game is Texas 45, Wyoming 20.