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Mountain West Reacts Results: Fall Camp talk. Discussing confidence, offense, defense, and positions.

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We asked the questions, you voted on the answers, and now we provide the results.

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Fall Camp Brings Confidence

August is a time when everyone is looking good. Players are developing, coaches are happy, and things are looking hopeful for every team. Everyone is optimistic their team will make a bowl, and if all goes right, make the conference championship. And every year, we believe them.

Defense is leading

The votes are very even. Of course it’s hard to know which fans voted for which teams. Usually, defenses are ahead this time of year. However, it seems like quite a few offenses are looking good as well.

O-Line Woes

Again, it’s hard to know what voters are thinking when they make their selection. But collectively, Mountain West fans are worried about the trenches, with the offensive and defensive lines leading the way. Although the other positions aren’t far behind.