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Mountain West Reacts Results (Week 0): Fans not confident in this weekend, but think highly of Boise State

NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

We asked the questions, you voted on the answers, and now we provide the results.

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Hoping they win one.

It’s a tough slate of games to kick off the year for the Mountain West. Voters think they will start 1-2 and that would be the most likely. Over a fourth are hopeful they will go 2-1. As long as they can avoid 0-3.

No confidence in MW teams this weekend.

And for good reason. The conference was awful against P5 teams last year, and going up against Vanderbilt and USC doesn’t seem to bode well for the MW this weekend, at least based on the matchups.

Aztecs leading the way.

Everyone is excited for Week 0 games, but it looks like the most excitement is for SDSU/Ohio. Perhaps that is because they have the best chance of winning. A third of fans are looking forward to Hawaii while a fifth are doing the same with SJSU.

The fans have spoken.

Although the question always is which fans are voting. But nearly half of the total votes think the Broncos will win the conference this season. Wyoming was surprisingly in second place by a large margin, while the Falcons, Aztecs, and Bulldogs were all about even.