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Boise State’s Top Players: #1

The countdown concludes with a big hitter

Boise State v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

For the fifth consecutive year, we are going to preview the top players on Boise State’s roster. To clarify, this is not who we think the top ten players on the roster will be at the end of the season or who we think the most important players are, but the most skilled players entering the season. This week we wrap up the countdown with the top player on Boise State’s roster.

Zach: DJ Schramm was the most productive player on Boise State’s defense last season. He led the team in tackles and will likely be an even bigger part of the defensive game plan this season. Schramm’s return as a sixth year senior provides a huge boost to a Boise State defense that lacks experience. Schramm’s experience and knowledge will be invaluable as the Broncos will be looking to build depth with young talent behind Schramm. If Schramm stays healthy, he should be an all-conference performer and one of the best players on the team.

Aiden: DJ Schramm. The sixth year senior epitomizes what being a Bronco is all about. He has embraced the process, the blue collar way, and now, he is the surefire leader of not only the defense, but the entire 85-man roster. Last year, Schramm showed out with 107 total tackles, doubling the amount of the next two tackle leaders (JL Skinner at 65 and Ezekiel Noa at 60). With Andrew Simpson, Dishawn Misa and Jake Ripp in the wings, the Fresno native will be a tremendous asset this season both on and off the field.

Who would you have as number one on your countdown? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.