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Mountain West Reacts Results: Conference Realignment and Offenses.

Frisco Bowl - Boise State v North Texas Photo by Emil T. Lippe/Getty Images

We asked the questions, you voted on the answers, and now we provide the results.

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Predicting a merger

Nearly three-fourths of fans see the PAC and Mountain West merging in some way, shape or form. Interesting to see a noteworthy group of people thinking the MW will not be impacted at all. Stay tuned.

Broncos lead the offensive charge.

Looking around the internet, some fans think this is a divisive statement. And maybe it is, but a bit under half of the voters are thinking Boise State will have the best offense in the conference (note that this doesn’t automatically mean they will win the conference or be a ranked team or beat Washington). Fresno State got some votes, and I’m a bit surprised San Jose State didn’t get as many. I am curious how many of “someone else” is Colorado State or UNLV.

Poor Lobos.

On the other side of things, over half of the voters think New Mexico will once again bring up the rear when it comes to offensive production in the Mountain West. While 2022 shows this isn’t a bad vote, the coaching staff did everything they could to address things this offseason. It is interesting Hawaii and Nevada weren’t flipped, but at this point, it’s splitting hairs.