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MWCConnection 2022 Transfer Review

Reviewing each Mountain West Transfer from the 2022 season.

Zach and I are continuing Transfer Week by reviewing how last year’s transfers fared during the 2022 season. To make things simple, we categorized every player into a “hit” if the player fared well or a “miss” if they failed to make an impact. Read below to see how each Mountain West transfer player did in 2022.

Boise State

  • OL Cade Beresford: Beresford is easily a “hit”. The Washington State transfer stepped in as a starter at right tackle and will likely be the leader of the offensive line this fall.
  • LB George Tarlas: Tarlas was probably the biggest transfer this school has ever landed. Unfortunately, an injury cut his season short. It wouldn’t shock me if he finds a way to make an impact at the pro level. Through no fault of his own, he has to be considered a “miss” because of the injury.
  • QB Sam Vidlak: I didn’t really have any expectations for Vidlak, it seemed odd that the staff added another young quarterback. Vidlak almost had his chance after Taylen Green struggled early in his first start against San Diego State, but Green was clearly the future. I would consider him a miss.
  • OL Ricky Moore: Moore appeared in four games, but didn’t see any significant action. He would be a “miss.”
  • RB Elelyon Noa: Noa only stayed for a year, but he served his purpose as a reliable third running back. Noa had some solid runs and helped the Broncos come away with a victory against Air Force. He was what the team needed him to be, for that reason Noa was a “hit.”

Outside of Beresford and Tarlas, the rest of the additions were used to provide depth. Only Beresford is on the 2023 roster, so overal, the production of this group of transfers was limited.

Colorado State

  • OL Trevyn Heil: I could not locate any game information. This would qualify as a “miss.”
  • OL Gray Davis: Started all 12 games at guard. This would make Davis a “hit.”
  • OL Dontae Keys: Was productive starting 10 of 12 games. Keys would qualify as a “hit.”
  • RB Avery Morrow: Morrow was the lead running back for the Rams and had a solid season. Morrow rushed for 866 yards on 173 carries. He could be poised for a big senior season. Definitely a “hit.”
  • OL Dante Bivens: Bivens has been a reliable addition at right tackle starting all 12 games in 2022. He was a “hit.”
  • WR Melquan Stovall: Stovall only participated in three games before leaving the program. Big things were expected from him, so he is definitely a “miss.”
  • WR Tory Horton: Horton was arguably the best wide receiver in the conference and a solid punt returner for the Rams. The all-conference wide receiver should be a candidate for preseason offensive player of the year. Definitely a “hit” for Colorado State.
  • DB AJ King: King played in the first half of the season, totaling 24 tackles. He kind of falls in that in-between area. For now, we will consider King a “miss.”
  • OL Jacob Gardner: Started the season at center before moving to left tackle. Gardner started all 12 games for the Rams and was a valuable part of their offensive line. Gardner is a “hit.”
  • P Paddy Turner: Started all 12 games at punter. His numbers were decent, averaging 39 yards per punt. Turner has been a “hit” to this point.
  • DE CJ Onyechi: Was honorable mention and started all 12 games at defensive end. Onyechi was a “hit.”
  • DB Chigozie Anusiem: Was solid in pass coverage, leading the team in pass breakups. Tackle numbers were a bit underwhelming, but Anusiem was still qualify as a “hit.”
  • K Henry Katleman: Only served as a kickoff specialist. For that reason, Katelman was a “miss.”
  • DB Gregory Laday: Laday was a reliable defensive back for the Rams finishing the season with 19 tackles. But lack of overall production makes Laday a “miss.”
  • OL Cameron Cooper: Cooper did not play in 2022, making him a “miss.”
  • DB Ayden Hector: Had an interception that was returned for a touchdown and finished the season with a respectable 41 tackles. Hector would be a “hit.”
  • LS Jacob Raab: Was a long snapper in 10 of the 12 games and did not have a bad snap according to Colorado State’s roster page. That would make Raab a “hit.”

Fresno State

  • WR Nikko Keli’i Remigio: Remigio stepped in and brought a new element to a Fresno State offense that was already filled with talent. Remigio also became the most electric return man in the Mountain West. I think you could make a case for him being the most impact transfer in the conference. He was without a doubt a hit.
  • DB Cameron Lockridge: Without Lockridge, the Bulldogs probably don’t win the Mountain West Championship. His performance against the Broncos will go down in Fresno State history. Lockridge has been a huge hit for the Bulldogs.
  • LS Nick D’Ambra: Played in every game and was reliable. As far as long snappers go, he has been a “hit.”
  • TE Velltray Jefferson: He left the team before the season started and re-entered the portal last December. Quite the “miss”.
  • LB Raymond Scott: Coming from USC, more was expected from Scott. He finished with only 11 tackles. Definitely a “miss” in 2022.
  • DE Joshua Pakola: Pakola didn’t see any action. He would qualify as a “miss.”
  • OL Jacob Isaia: Appeared in all 14 games and started 10. As far as offensive lineman go, that is a pretty significant impact. He was a “hit” in 2022.
  • QB Matt Robinson: Did not see the field, making him a “miss.”
  • RB Simi Bakare: Did not record a stat in the loaded running back room. Making him a “miss.”
  • DE Andres Fox: Fox came from Stanford and was expected to make an impact. He did appear in nine games, but only recorded 12 tackles. I would consider him a “miss.”
  • OL Jacob Spomer: Started all 14 games and was all-conference honorable mention. For sure a “hit.”
  • DL John Sniffen: Sniffen played in only two games. He has been a “miss” to this point.
  • OL Matai Bell: Probably too early for Bell to give a fair evaluation. But he didn’t see the field, so we will go with “miss.”
  • WR Josiah Freeman: Freeman did not play, he was a miss.
  • TE Zach Hartsfield: Hartsfield only really played on special teams. His impact was limited, he would be a “miss.”

I think you could make a strong case for Fresno State having the best transfer class, especially on the offensive side of the ball. The impact at wide receiver and on the offensive line was tremendous. Without this group, the Bulldogs have no chance to win the Mountain West Championship.


  • DB Virdel Edwards: Appeared in all 13 games, starting 11. Tied for the team lead in interceptions. Edwards was a “hit.”
  • QB Cammon Cooper: Seemed like a contender to start, but only saw action in one game. Cooper was a “miss.”
  • OL Jojo Falo: Only appeared in one game and did not record any stats. Falo was a “miss.”
  • LB Wynden Ho’ohuli: Coming from Nebraska, Ho’ohuli appeared in only four games. Would definitely qualify as a “miss” to this point.
  • DB Jojo Forest: Appeared in eight games, starting four at cornerback. Expectations were a little bit higher for Forest, making him a “miss.”
  • DB Mckenzie Barnes: Was injured in the preseason and sidelined for the season. Unfortunately, that makes Barnes a “miss” at this point.
  • OL Micah Mariteragi: Did not play in any games, making Mariteragi a “miss.”
  • LB Andrew Faoliu: Did not play in any games, making Mariteragi a “miss.”
  • WR Chris Jackson: Has not recorded any stats. Making him a “miss.”
  • LB Kaulana Makaula: Appeared in 12 games on special teams and in the secondary. Recorded 21 tackles. Makaula would narrowly be a “hit” at this point.
  • DL Mataio Soli: Appeared in five games, but expectations were higher coming out of Arkansas. This makes Soli a “miss.”
  • DL Anthony Sagapolutele: Appeared in all 13 games, but recorded only eights tackles. Sagapolutele has potential, but would be a “miss” at this point.
  • OL Luke Felix-Fualalo: Appeared as a reserve lineman and on special teams in all 13 games. Since he couldn’t crack the starting rotation, Felix-Fualalo has to be considered a “miss.”
  • QB Joey Yellen: Started three games, but struggled. Yellen was a huge recruit coming out of high school, so he is a “miss” at this point.
  • LB Steele Dubar: Appeared in three games on special teams and did not record any statistics. Dubar is a “miss.”
  • LS Solomon Landrum: Started all 13 games at long snapper. That makes Landrum a “hit.”
  • DB Malik Hausman: Appeared in all 13 games, starting nine at nickelback. Had 47 tackles and three interceptions. Hausman was a “hit.”
  • DB Meki Lanakila Pei: Played in ten games, starting four at safety. Pei finished fourth on the team with 53 tackles. Pei is definitely a “hit.”
  • DB Devyn King: Appeared in 11 games, primarily on special teams. King should have a bigger role in 2023, but is a “miss” at this point.
  • WR Nicholas Cencale: Cencale was only a freshman in 2022, catching eight passes and returning four kicks and four punts. While his numbers were limited, the potential is clearly there. I’m going to consider Cencale a “hit” at this point.
  • LB Jalen Smith: Redshirted in 2022. Since Smith did not make the field, that would make him a “miss” at this point.


  • OL Joey Capra: Capra played in ever game and started almost half of then on the offensive line. He’s an easy “hit”.
  • OL Cole Feinauer: Cole was basically a depth piece in 2022 but has quite a few years left. He is more of a “miss” now but has a bright future.
  • DL William Green: Coming in as a 5th year player, Green was expected to be a big contributor for the Wolf Pack, but wasn’t. Unfortunately, he’s a “miss”.
  • TE Cooper Shults: He was a key special-teamer at Oregon, but couldn’t quite recreate that in 2022 as he battled injuires and ineffectiveness. Another “miss”.
  • DB Darion Green-Warren: Darion played in every game but didn’t put up a lot of production. He has to be a “miss”.
  • WR BJ Casteel: Casteel was another veteran player expected to carry the team a bit and he did. He lead the team in receptions and receiving yards, as well as touchdowns. A big “hit” for Nevada in the transfer portal.
  • OL Kai Arneson: Another Oregon transfer and another depth piece, but Arneson did end up making three starts. Going with “hit” here as I’m going to project he takes an even bigger role in 2023.
  • LB Marcel Walker: It does not appear that Walker recorded stats in 2022, so he’s a “miss”.
  • RB Cross Patton: Coach Wilson gets a lot of Oregon transfers, but Patton didn’t do much on the field last season. He’s a “miss” at this point.
  • OL Bryce Petersen: He was one of the key pieces on the offensive line, starting every game he played in, although he missed a few due to injuries. Bryce is regarded as a “hit”.
  • LB Junior Walling: He got on the field, but didn’t do much. A “miss”.
  • DL James Hansen: Hansen came in from Utah State and started half of the games for Nevada. He got better as the year when on and that qualifies as a “hit” here.
  • DB KK Meier: Meier is still young but didn’t do much so he’s a “miss”.
  • DE Phillip Huff Jr: He played sparingly and produced sparingly, resulting in a “miss”.
  • WR Dalevon Campbell: Campbell came in as a 5th year player. He wasn’t great but he was reliable and consistent, which I will consider a “hit”.
  • LB Eli’jah Winston: Winston started most of the games he played in, but he did not put up starter numbers. I expected a bit more from him, so I will call him a “miss”.
  • LB Spencer Gilbert: It doesn’t look like he played for Nevada, which means he’s an easy “miss”.

Nevada was a team that needed a lot of help from the transfer portal. They did fill a few holes, but it was more solid starters than spectacular stars. There is nothing wrong with finding a few multiple-year starters, but they did lack a big splash, which is part of the reason they struggled so much in 2022.

New Mexico

  • DE Tyler Kiehne: Kiehne was expected to play a lot for the Lobos, but injuries limited him to seven total games and two total tackles. Through one season, he’s a “miss”.
  • DB Hunter Sellers: He made little to no impact in the two games he played, so a “miss”.
  • QB Miles Kendrick: He was brought in as the presumed starter for the Lobos, but couldn’t really seize the opportunity. His results were mixed in eight games and ultimately didn’t deliver on his potential. He is regarded as a “miss”.
  • OL Marshall Gill: Can’t find any info, so “miss”.
  • WR Zoe Roberts: A “miss” because it appears he did not record any stats.
  • OL Zacchaeus Williams: Played in three games, so 2022 season was a “miss”.
  • QB Justin Holaday: Another QB who earned some playing time, appearing in five games. However, it’s another “miss” since he didn’t make an impact.
  • OL Colin James: James played and started in 11 games for New Mexico, missing a few for an injury. A definite “hit” as they had a reliable starter at the center spot.
  • TE Jaden Hullaby: Hullaby played in eight games, but didn’t show much in the stats column in 2022, so he’s a “miss”.

This was a disappointing list to go through. New Mexico found a solid offensive lineman and thought they found a quarterback, but pretty much all the transfers failed to make an impact for the Lobos.

San Diego State

  • TE Mark Redman: Redman didn’t have a sensational year, but he played a lot and produced as well as every Mountain West tight end except one, although that isn’t saying alot. It is a “hit” overall.
  • LB Cooper McDonald: A definite “hit”. McDonald filled up the stat sheet in his first year with the Aztecs.
  • DE Deven Lamp: Lamp didn’t do much, although it doesn’t seem like he got a lot of opportunities. One could make an argument for either category, but in this post, it will be a “miss.”
  • OL Cade Bennett: Bennett burst on to the scene and into a starting role for SDSU. An easy “hit”.
  • DL Justus Tavai: Tavai really solifiied the defensive line in his only season with San Diego State after coming from Hawaii. He performed really well on the field and is an easy decision for a “hit”.
  • QB Braxton Burmeister: Burmeister was the latest player to take a shot at being “the answer” for the Aztec’s at quarterback, and the latest to falter. He was replaced halfway through the season and converted to a wide receiver. This was a “miss”.
  • RB Kenan Christon: A running back room can never have enough depth and although Christon provided that, he didn’t really carve out a defined role on the team. Unfortunately, it’s a “miss”.

San Diego State is one of those teams that is more selective in who they add in the transfer portal, aiming to fill specific spots with quality players. That shows up in the analysis of this list, with many players slotted for starting roles right away and being able to captilize on those opportunities. San Diego State does a good job converting on many of their transfers.

San Jose State

  • QB Chevan Cordeiro: The Spartan’s took Hawaii’s starting quarterback after the Rainbow Warrior’s coaching change and plugged him into their starting offense. He fit in seamlessly with SJSU and helped lead them to a bowl game. Cordeiro is who he is at this point in his career, but he is a competent starting qb. Landing him in the transfer portal was a “hit”.
  • OL James McNorton: McNorton came over from Washington State and started every game he played, although he was limited to nine games. He was effective and still has multiple years of eligibility left. This one should be considered a “hit”.
  • WR Elijah Cooks: Cooks had some bad luck with health and SJSU took a gamble on him, hoping he could regain his form as a #1 receiver. Cooks was up to the task and had a monster season. Definitely a “hit”.
  • WR Justin Lockhart: San Jose State needed wide receiver depth and Lockhart needed a change of scenery. In limited action, he put up pretty good numbers and was reliable for big plays. Overall, another “hit”.
  • DB Chase Williams: Chase came in and produced. He was reliable in the secondary and basically matched his production from USC the year before. Although he shouldn’t be considered a game-changer, it is a “hit”.
  • OL Marist Talavou: Talavou came in and although he started one game, he didn’t make much of an impact. More of a “miss” than anything else.
  • DB Elisha Guidry: Guidry has a really nice year for UCLA back in 2019, but has not been able to replicate it, including this past year at San Jose State. It’s a pretty easy call to label the move a “miss”.
  • OL Malik Williams: Williams came from Wyoming and played in ten games, with one start. Offensive lineman are hard to evaluate but this one will be considered a “miss”.

I was actually surprised how well the Spartans did in the transfer portal this past year. I knew about the obvious victories with Cordeiro and Cooks, but they also had hits on the offensive line and defensive back. Their misses were mainly depth moves and it’s hard to hit on every single player, so good for SJSU.


  • OL Cobe Bryant: I can’t find too much on him, but it appears he was a reserve player last year. For a 5th year guy who was brought in to play, this seems like a “miss”.
  • QB Harrison Bailey: Bailey was a high-profile transfer from Tennessee. He didn’t win the starting job, but played when Doug Brumfield got hurt. His results were mixed, but the depth was important. I’m torn but I’ll consider it a “hit”.
  • LB Jordan Eubanks: He didn’t record any stats for the Rebels, so he is a “miss”.
  • WR Ricky White III: White III was a sensation for UNLV and enters 2023 as one of the better returning wide receivers in the conference. A very nice “hit” in the portal for them.
  • OL Preston Nichols: Nichols plugged in as a starter at guard. He was a consistent player along the offensive line and though he transferred back out, he should be seen as a “hit”.
  • WR Senika Mckie: He had a decent season in 2022, but overall, he’s a “miss”, at least for his first year.
  • WR Nick Williams: Williams provided depth, but basically see Mckie above. Another “miss” overall, but he wasn’t a bad pickup.
  • RB Aidan Robbins: Robbins was a clear “hit”. He assumed the starting running back position and was one of the big reasons the offense was so effective. He missed some time and transferred out after the coaching change, but what a 2022 season he had.
  • DL Bey Key: 2 games, 3 tackles, 1 “miss”.
  • OL DJ Stuckey: He was a backup OL player, but they were looking for a bit more, so he’s a “miss”.
  • P Marshall Nichols: Marshall assumed the primary punting duties for UNLV and performed extremely well. He should be considered a “hit”.
  • DB Jordyn Morgan: Morgan become a starting safety for the Rebels and while his stats were not eye-popping, they were solid. Another “hit”.
  • LB Keith Conley: He didn’t appear to record any stats, making him a “miss”.
  • DB Donyai Dixon: Dixon’s impact was minimal at best, resulting in a transfer “miss”.
  • LB Elijah Shelton: In 2022, Shelton posted the best of his five seasons, and mainly served as depth. Still, he provided a boost. It could go either way, but I’ll call him a “hit”.
  • DB Lacarea Pleasant-Johnson: He played a bit, but did not make much of an impact. Another “miss”.
  • DB Kris Williams: Same for Williams, same “miss” label.
  • DB BJ Harris: Harris played pretty well, but only managed to get in about half of the games, which limited his impact and ultimately made him a “miss”.
  • DL Ryan Keeler: Keeler still has some years of eligibility left, but his first season with UNLV left a lot to be desired and he is a “miss”.
  • DE Rock Gonzalez: It doesn’t look like he notched any stats, so an easy “miss”.

The Rebels did very well in the transfer portal. There were some clear stars who came from the transfer portal and were main contributors in 2022. However, there were also a number of solid starters, especially along the offensive line, who made an impact last season for UNLV. All things considered, they did better than many other Mountain West teams.

Utah State

  • MJ Tafisi: MJ ran with his starting linebacker role and had a solid season. He turned out to be a terrific pick up for the Aggies. A definite “hit”.
  • OL Cade Parrish: I can’t find any info on him or if he is even still with the team. Hopefully I’m not wrong calling him a “miss”.
  • QB Levi Williams: He was part of the QB “trade” with Wyoming and was brought in to be the backup. He struggled in that role in the six games he played in and by the end of the year, was passed over by other players. It seemed like an easy “hit: at the time, but it turned out to be a “miss”.
  • WR Xavier Williams: Williams was a hyped up transfer based on his recruiting ranking and coming from Alabama. However, he barely played and had only one catch all year, so he was a “miss”.
  • DE Daniel Grzesiak: Grzesiak had a tremendous season for the Aggies, becoming one of the better pass-rushers in the conference, making him an easy “hit”. Unfortunately, he was a bit too good and transferred again.
  • WR Brian Cobbs: Cobbs was brought into the fold and became a big play threat and a huge target in the red zone. He made the most of his one season with Utah State and was a no-doubt transfer “hit”.
  • TE Ron Tiavaasue: He played in four games, but did not make much of an impact. He’s considered a “miss”.
  • LB Cole Joyce: He played in every game for Utah State (probably on special teams?), but only recorded an assisted tackle, so he’s seen as a “miss” for this season.
  • DL John Ward: Ward contributed, but it was a limited amount in a limited role, so he’s a “miss” at this point.
  • OL Austin Leausa: Leausa likely wasn’t brought in to play a role this season, but he didn’t appear in any games, so he has to be seen as a “miss” for now.
  • RB Jordan Wilmore: Wilmore played in nearly every game, but basically averaged a carry per game and did not accumulate many yards when he did get the ball. He is transferring out again and has not been able to recapture his production from 2019. He’s a “miss”.

Coach Anderson and his staff have an eye for transfers. The ones they hit on played key roles last season and although many didn’t emerge in 2022, quite a few are still around and could develop into impactful transfers for 2023 and beyond. It’s worth following some of these players next season.


  • LB Cole DeMarzo: DeMarzo had a somewhat limited role finishing the season with 23 tackles. While he was somewhat productive, he would narrowly be considered a “miss.”
  • QB Andrew Peasley: After transferring from Utah State, Peasley quickly stepped in and became the starter. While he did a decent job managing games, it was much of the same at the quarterback position for the Cowboys. Peasley has been a “miss” to this point.
  • DB Jakorey Hawkins: Hawkins stepped in and did a solid job at corner finishing the season with 30 tackles and an interception. Hawkin has been a “hit” for the Cowboys.
  • DB TJ Urban: Urban missed the 2022 season with an injury. To this point, he would qualify as a “miss.”
  • DB Deron Harrell: Harrell provided some depth at cornerback finishing with 19 tackles and one interception. His numbers weren’t huge, but he contributed to a solid Wyoming secondary, making him a “hit.”
  • DE Keelan Cox: Cox will return in 2023 after missing the 2022 season with an injury. He would be considered a “miss” at this point.
  • WR Chase Locke: Locke did not record any stats making him a “miss.”
  • DL Forrest Scheel: Has not recorded any stats to this point, making him a “miss.”

I was a little surprised to see the lack of production that Wyoming’s transfer had after the Cowboys lost so many impact players to the portal. The fact that Wyoming lost so many players to the portal and got so little production from the portal makes the job that the Craig Bohl and his staff did even more impressive.