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Mountaintop View 7-5-23. Hawaii preview, Stevens loves Fort Collins, Brumfield opens eyes, NCAA Recruiting Rules, MBB Schedule

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Fresno State Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Even though it’s the “off-season,” there is still a lot going on. Through it all, we have you covered. Take a look at today’s links, plus the content coming your way on our site.

College Football News: Hawaii Preview

Looking at the Rainbow Warriors outlook for 2023, and they should be improved if for no other reason than transitioning back to the run-and-shoot, although the quarterback play will have to be better. The running game should be good again and the offensive line will be improved. There are some interesting returning players on defense and the hope is that the transfers can inject more talent this season, especially with Cam Stone coming aboard. If nothing else, Hawaii should be an interesting team to watch.

Ram’s Stevens found 2nd home at Fort Collins.

One of the greatest players in Colorado State basketball history went through the NBA Draft process, but ultimately decided to come back to the Rams for one more season. He still has the dream to play in the NBA and now knows exactly what scouts will be looking for him to improve on in order to get there. For now, the focus is leading Colorado State next season and Stevens like how the team is coming along.

Brumfield opens eyes at Manning Passing Academy.

UNLV quarterback Doug Brumfield loved his time at the Manning Passing Academy. He got to hone his fundamentals with some legendary quarterbacks and also developed his leadership and communication by mentoring some high school players. It gave Brumfield a new appreciation for everything his coaches go through and helped him build connections with other college quarterbacks. We will see how it translates to the field in a few months.

NCAA Eases Recruiting Rules.

Changes continue to come to the NCAA, with the latest news related to recruiting. Starting this year (on a trial basis anyway), the number of official visitors a school can host in a recruiting cycle has increased from 56 to 70. While it is unlikely schools with hit this limit annually, it coincides nicely with recruits having no limit on the number of official visits they can take. Furthermore, the biggest change is the NCAA has done away with the over-signing rule for at least another year. This means that schools can continue to sign over 25 players in a class, which has become vital given the amount of incoming and outgoing transfers every year.

MBB Schedule News.

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