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Mountaintop View 7-31-23. MW top 30 players, Conference Rankings, Boise State, Conference Realignment, Eddie Nunez, Top Athletes.

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NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Colorado State Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Monday, and we are back at it. A few Mountain West teams have already started fall camp and the rest will start this week! Through it all, the content keeps going. Check out our original coverage and what we can find from the world wide web below.

Top 30 Mountain West Players.

Chris Murray releases his list of the best thirty players in the conference heading into 2023. As usual, the whole list is worth reading. Every player on this list is deserving and it’s pretty balanced among the 12 MW teams. His top 10 includes most of the names the MWCConnection list did from a few weeks ago. Actually, nine players are similar to be exact and he has the same top 3. Read the post for all of his reasonings why he ranked players how he did .

College Football Conference Rankings.

Athlon Sports ranked the 10 FBS conferences heading into 2023. The top two shouldn’t surprise anyone, but the PAC at third was interesting. The Sun Belt is at the top of the mid-majors, with the AAC behind them. That means the Mountain West is 8th, which isn’t great. They cite Fresno State and Boise State as the top teams, with Air Force, Wyoming, SDSU, and SJSU as good teams as well. They think Colorado State will be better than last season. The MW needs to

Conference Realignment & Boise State.

In the CFB Athletic mailbag, the writers discuss a lot of conference realignment topics. While the ACC talk doesn’t directly relate to the Mountain West, it’s still interesting. Also, there is a good question about how the new playoff model might effect conference realigment. He calls the lack of interest in Boise State the most puzzling riddle in conference realignment. He goes on to say school presidents look down on their academics and they have never been able to shake that reputation, despite it having nothing to do with their athletic success. Finally, more questions about San Diego State and SMU with the PAC and a great point about football being separate from all other sports in athletic departments.

Lobo’s AD named to MBB Oversight Committee.

MW Athlete of the Year Nominees.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: A new MWC Recruiting Roundup with the latest news, offers, and commitments. Plus, hear from recent commits and visitors.
  • Coming Tuesday: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Season Predictions Part 1
  • Coming Tuesday: Hike’s Peak Podcast Episode 7: Recapping Media Days
  • Coming Tuesday: Reacts Survey: Fall Camp Discussions
  • Coming Wednesday: Peak Perspective: The Mountain West vs. the American Athletic 2022 Season Comparison