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Boise State’s Top Players: #5

Camp is getting ready to start and the countdown marches on...

Mountain West Football Championship - Boise State v San Jose State Photo by David J. Becker/Getty Images

For the fifth consecutive year, we are going to preview the top players on Boise State’s roster. To clarify, this is not who we think the top ten players on the roster will be at the end of the season or who we think the most important players are, but the most skilled players entering the season. We will preview one player each week heading into the season. This week is number five.

Zach: Jonah Dalmas. Dalmas holds the number two spot in Boise State history with 56 field goals, he should be able to beat the record of 67 held by Kyle Brotzman with relative ease. Dalmas also holds the record for career field goal percentage. If Dalmas can keep the pace he has had the last three seasons, he will hold nearly every kicking record for Boise State. It feels a little odd to have a kicker this high on the list, but Dalmas has become one of the most important players on this team. As much as I admire Dalmas and appreciate his ability to put points on the board, I hope the Broncos do a better job of finishing drives with touchdowns and that his services aren’t needed quite as much.

Aiden: Mason Randolph. The young offensive lineman has thrust himself into the fold early on in Boise, filling in as a starter multiple times last season. During Mountain West media days, head coach Andy Avalos noted that Randolph will be starting at center this season, signifying the trust that the coaching staff has in the Yorba Linda native. With offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan electing to place protection duties on the center instead of the quarterback, Randolph is going to have plenty on his shoulders heading into 2023. He should be up for the task and help establish continuity in the trenches.

Who would you have as number five on your countdown? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.