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EXCLUSIVE Interviews w/ Doug Brumfield, Paddy Turner from MW Media Days! Hike’s Peak Episodes 5/6 out now!

An Australian’s first impressions of the US? A counselor at the prestigious Manning Passing Academy? Jack Thompson talks to two of the conference’s most interesting players during last week’s Media Days event in Las Vegas.

Welcome back to Hike’s Peak! In a double feature, Jack Thompson interviews UNLV starting quarterback Doug Brumfield and Colorado State punter Paddy Turner, during the MW media days event held in Las Vegas this past week. Here’s what both players talked about:

Note: Larger episode on Jack’s entire media day experience will be out on Friday. Stay tuned!

Doug Brumfield

  1. Experience as counselor at Manning Passing Academy
  2. Thoughts on Barry Odom taking over as UNLV head coach
  3. Players he expects to contribute offensively
  4. Favorite player (as a kid, Rebel, and QB)
  5. Goals for this season

Paddy Turner

  1. Process of getting recruited from Australia
  2. Biggest differences between US and Australia
  3. How he found out about American football
  4. Best friends on the team, what it means to him to be a captain

Doug Brumfield interview link.

Paddy Turner interview link.

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