San Diego State Remaining in Mountain West

Last month, San Diego announced plans to leave the Mountain West Conference. The Aztecs had previously voiced its intention to withdraw from the league and faced a hefty fine if they did not do so before the June 30 deadline. They even sent the conference a letter stipulating their intentions and asking for an extension on the deadline. In what is being considered a hasty turnaround, the team has now announced that it will be remaining in Mountain West. Here is a look at where things stand now.

June 30 Deadline

The SDSU and Mountain West have had a combative few weeks. The strife began when the university informed the conference last month that it intended to withdraw from the league next summer. By doing so before July 1, SDSU was set to cut the exit fee to $17 million from a whopping $34 million.

But despite their best intentions, it seems that the Aztecs had not planned their next step. The school seemed uncertain on where to go and no offers were forthcoming. Consequently, SDSU requested an extension to the June 30 deadline; a request the conference denied.

In their letter, San Diego State complained about "unforeseen delays" regarding other collegiate leagues. The school was adamant that it would leave the conference at some point but needed more time to find a new home. This statement left betway Malawi bettors in limbo, not knowing what grouping SDSU would play in during the coming season.

SDSU Change of Plans

On Friday, however, fans' worries seemed to be allayed when the school again decided it was not leaving the conference. Adela de la Torre, the SDSU president, sent the conference another letter stating that the school had, "decided to remain in the Mountain West Conference," and would "not be resigning at this time." Pundits think the move was made to avoid the $34 million fee.

The fact that the conferences SDSU had been eyeing like the Pac-12 did not extend an offer to the school may also have had a hand in the decision. It seems the school realized that they would not have found a league to join before the deadline lapsed. So they announced their decision to stay.

Dissent from Mountain West

Unfortunately, it seems that Mountain West is not onboard with this new plan. In a series of letters sent last week, the conference confirmed that SDSU had announced their intention to leave the league and now owed them $17 million. The conference stated that it would be withholding a $6.6 million payment that was due to the school as the first installation of the due fee.

Ongoing Legal Case

In response to this, both sides have involved their legal teams who are actively trying to resolve the matter. The board of directors will be meeting on July 17 to discuss the fate of SDSU and whether it will be officially reinstated into the league. De la Torre, who wrote the initial resignation letter, will not be included in the meeting.

What Next?

In the event SDSU leaves the conference, they might consider joining the Pac-12. The league had not expressed a direct interest but it is still looking for replacements for USC and UCLA, which will be moving to the Big Ten next summer. SDSU might also consider the Big 12 but, like the Pac-12, this conference had not made a move for the university. So it seems that bettors and fans will have to stay in limbo a little longer.