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Mountaintop View 6-8-23

Ken Wilson interview, Board of Directors Summer Meeting, Josh Allen on the Madden cover and more from Wednesday

Nevada v New Mexico State Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

Ken Wilson explains why he believes Nevada more primed for success heading into 2023

Nevada Sports Net has a comprehensive interview with Nevada head football coach Ken Wilson. Read above.

Scott Slant: Count on Kellen being in – sooner or later

Former Boise State quarterback and current Los Angeles Chargers offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is on the ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame again. Will he make it this time? Scott Slant thinks it’s only a matter of time.

MWC exploring realignment?

Fresno State has the highest preseason o/u total

Wyoming alum on cover of Madden 24

Boise State hoops to face Clemson

Nevada keeps adding pay day games

On The Horizon:

Today - Mountain West Armchair Commissioner: Zach

Friday - MWCConnection Roundtable: What position group are you most confident in for the 2023 season?

Friday - Friday Night Lights Review S3E6