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Friday Night Lights Review S3E5

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

During the offseason, we are continuing our weekly series discussing thoughts on arguably the best football TV show ever in Friday Night Lights. If you haven’t seen it, there is no better time to start. If you have seen it, there’s no better time to rewatch it. And if you’re like me, and watch an episode or season every year in preparation for college football, you’re right on track. Regardless of which category you fit into, it’s on Netflix (and Peacock), and you can follow along each week (on a Friday, of course) as a different episode from season three will be discussed, from the opening episodes with an up and coming freshman QB all the way to the big game in the season finale.

Random thoughts in live-tweet form.

  • The Taylor’s discover that Julie got a tattoo and they freak out as expected. They learn that Tyra was there with her.
  • Jason and Herc make their season debut (where have they been?). Jason is trying to clean up the apartment before his son comes over for a visit. He tries to get Erin to let him to sleep over, but she isn’t having it. It is also revealed car sales are tough right now, so Jason isn’t making much money.
  • Buddy is upset his ex-wife’s house hasn’t sold yet and getting upset.
  • Jason and Herc try to come up with a million-dollar idea. Tim suggests flipping houses.
  • Matt and Landry roll up to school as Landry copes with power ballads. He sees Tyra get dropped off by Cash.
  • Tami questions what Tyra is doing as she is skipping school and failing classes again.
  • Jason, Herc, and Tim try to get Billy to invest in their house-flipping business. They end up convincing him and the company is born.
  • Tyra and Cash talk and Tyra notices he keeps popping pills due to his pain.
  • Tami is still upset about Julie’s tattoo as Eric tries to downplay it.
  • Tim and BIlly drive out to meet with a buyer for the copper wire. It ends up being Tim’s old roommate and things go south quickly when he tries to strong-arm them on the sale and then pushes Billy’s buttons. Billy starts to fight them, and they barely drive off safely.
  • The lone got approved, thanks to Jason turning on the charm. However, the Riggins’ brothers don’t have the money to deposit. They end up finding a buyer pretty easily, though.
  • Shelby tells Matt she is looking at places to live to move here. Matt doesn’t give her the reaction she expects.
  • Chase texts Tyra to ditch class and come hang out with him, which she does. They drive around and end up at a barn where they ride horses.
  • The Taylor’s try to have a conversation with Julie about her tattoo. It doesn’t go well at all.
  • The house sells and Buddy is happy, until he realizes that the four guys bought his house to flip it. They learn that Buddy will not sell the house to them.
  • Tyra comes in to talk to Tami. She is contrite and expresses to her how much Tami has meant to her, but then says Tami is wrong about Cash and that he is a good guy. Tami reiterates that all she cares about is Tyra.
  • Jason smooth talks Buddy and convinces him to sell the house to them. Jason is happy that he can make money so he and Erin can start their life together. But Erin tells Jason she is moving back with her parents back east and leaving with their son. He is devastated.
  • Tami and Julie are driving to get the tattoo removed but Tami pulls over and gets out of the car. Tami confesses that she almost dropped out of high school, but she made it. Tami worries about Julie and knows how independent she is and doesn’t want her to get off track. They share a moment and go home.
  • Matt’s grandma criticizes Shelby’s grocery shopping. Matt and Shelby bond a bit. Matt confides in his that he got benched. For the first time, Matt is heard and has a space to talk. He talks highly about himself and all the work he put in, but thinks it wasn’t enough. He smiles and laughs for the first time all episode.

Coach Taylor’s speeches.

Football observations.

  • The offense is all out of sorts trying to run two different offensive systems during the game. The QBs know what to do, but no one else does.
  • The defense isn’t looking any better, putting them down two scores early.
  • Things start clicking in the middle of the game, mostly with JD at quarterback.
  • With the game winding down, Coach Taylor goes with JD even though it was Saracen’s turn. JD leads the team down the field.
  • Then, on the last play of the game, Saracen comes in with the team on the goal line. The defense can’t sub out and Saracen scores on a wide-open play-action keeper. However, the team and crowd goes nuts over JD as Saracen walks off the field alone.
  • The coaches try to prepare for another game. Coach Taylor wants to add more sets, but Mac says their true strength is JD McCoy and his raw talent, while also trying to respect Saracen.
  • Coach Taylor comes over to Saracen’s house to let him know that JD will be starting from here on out. Their conversation is interrupted by Shelby and his grandma coming home.
  • Saracen is alone in the locker room and all the frustration boils over as he starts hitting the equipment. Coach Taylor comes in and Saracen starts yelling at him. He tells Coach Taylor that he’s done everything that’s ever been asked of him and then quits. Coach Taylor says he will never forgive himself if he does. Saracen says he will sit on the bench, work hard in practice and he will hate it and so will Coach Taylor.
  • At practice, JD shines while Saracen and Landry stand on the sidelines.

Unanswered questions.

Plot holes.

Quote of the episode.

“I do whatever you ask me to. I helped you win the State Championship. I got you to 3 and 1 this season. I work my ass off at practice. I do everything that you say.” - Saracen

Clear eyes. Full heart. Can’t Lose. official counter: 20

Texas Forever official counter: 7

Riggins quitting the team official counter: 3

Coach Taylor calling Landry ‘Lance’ official counter: 7

Jason’s job aspirations: quad-rugby player, football coach, car salesman, flipping houses