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Mountain West Reacts Results: 6 teams in bowls, Spartans looking good for a bowl, not good for baseball tourney.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 26 Hawaii at San Jose State Photo by Larry Placido/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We asked the questions, you voted on the answers, and now we provide the results.

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6 bowl teams for the Mountain West

Just about half of voters are confident that six Mountain West teams will make a bowl game this year. That will be a step back from the seven teams in 2022 and eight in 2021. Five and seven teams also got a chunk of votes.

Broncos are safe to make a bowl.

The Broncos are far and away the most likely team to make a bowl game in the fall. Please note that it doesn’t mean the other 4 teams listed aren’t likely to make a bowl, just not the most likely according to your votes. It’s pretty clear these are the five teams with the best chance to make a bowl game.

Spartans are the top bubble team.

Out of the remaining teams who are being considered “bubble” teams, fans are the most confident in San Jose State, with over 40% of the votes. Utah State had a strong amount as well and then the other three all received minimal votes. Probably at least 2 of these teams will be making a bowl.

Spartans baseball have a tough road in baseball.

San Jose State’s baseball run has been remarkable. However, under a third of people think they will win a game in the NCAA Tournament. Hopefully, they can continue to defy the odds.