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Mountaintop View 5-1-23. NFL Draft, Wyoming Spring Game, CFP, Conference Realignment, Golf Champions.

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NCAA Football: Wyoming at Fresno State Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Monday, and we are back at it. The NFL Draft is over but the content keeps going. Check out our original coverage and what we can find from the world wide web below.

5 Mountain West players drafted in 2023.

The conference had to wait until day 3 of the draft, but then heard many player’s names called on Saturday. Jake Haener got things rolling with the MWC in the fourth round and Viliami Fehoko followed two picks later. Then, three more players were selected in the sixth round, with JL Skinner finally hearing his name called and then some mild surprises with Scott Matlock and Jerrick Reed II rounding things out for the conference. Many talented MWC players were not drafted but signed as undrafted free agents.

Defense stands out in the Wyoming spring game.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Cowboys' defense looks great while the offense struggled. Outside of wide receiver Isaac Sell, there weren’t a ton of highlights for the offensive side of the boy for Wyoming. On the other hand, the defense looks like they are in mid-season form. Specifically, the secondary unit could be the strength of the team, with cornerbacks Kolbey Taylor and Tyrecus Davis logging interceptions against the first-team offense. Between the two teams, the defense piled up five turnovers.

Where things stand with the College Football Playoff.

A big decision was made the end of last week when the CFP decided that the first round games would be the third weekend of December (one game Friday, three games Saturday), meaning it will conflict with the NFL, and make the month of December even fuller with everything else that happens in the college football world. This is no small decision as the two leagues have avoided going against each other in the past. Although things are slowly coming together, there are still a lot of unknowns before we get the college football playoffs in 2024, including where the games will be televised. There is a loose plan for the other rounds of the playoffs and those games won’t compete with the NFL. Also, making Week 0 the new Week 1 is still up for debate, with a lot of people against it. The article also discusses a bit of the format for the first-round games played in home stadiums.

Aztecs Power 5 invite is “inevitable”, but where?

J.D. Wicker, San Diego State’s athletic director, said moving to a power 5 conference is just a matter of time and opened up the possibility that they could be as likely to be in the Big 12 as the PAC-12. Wicker’s direct quote was “One or the other is going to happen. We’re excited for the opportunity, and we’ve done a lot of work to prepare for that.” TIme will tell if it is tipping his hand or trying to create a bidding war.

Mountain West Golf Championships.

Spring Ball Schedules:

This will be updated as more information comes in.

AFA: Feb 14-March 4 (Spring Game)

BSU: March 2-April 8 (Spring Game)

CSU: March 27-April 22 (Spring Game)

FSU: March 6-April 15 (Spring Game)

Hawaii: Feb 6-March 3 (Spring Game)

Nevada: March 15 - April 22 (Spring Game)

New Mexico: Feb 14-March 8 (Spring Game March 6)

SDSU: Feb 20-March 23 (Spring Game)

SJSU: April 4-May 6 (Spring Game)

UNLV: March 1-April 8 (Spring Game)

Utah State: March 20-April 22 (Spring Game)

Wyoming: March 28-April 29 (Spring Game)

On the horizon:

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  • Coming Tuesday: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: ESPN FPI
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