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Mountaintop View 4-20-23

Jarod Lucas returns, early Top 25 polls for hoops, and plenty of transfer portal talk

Nevada v Arizona State Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Following a trip to the Final Four, Aztec fans should be very nervous

Strong points made in this article about the state of contending, not just for San Diego State, but all G5/mid majors. Conclusion: time to establish those NIL networks, or else watch your good athletes leave.

Peak Perspective: Boise State had a gentle fall to rock bottom and has now rebuilt its foundation

I almost never plug our own stuff, but Mike Wittmann put together a comprehensive look at Boise State’s fall from grace in football.

Another day, another preseason poll featuring MWC hoops teams

Big news for the Wolf Pack

Player profile in Nevada’s Andrew Madrigal

The portal giveth...